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How to make a lizun with your own hands?

For the first time lizun - a fun jelly-like toy - appeared on store shelves in the 70s. Its homeland is America. But American children, as it turned out, surprise is not so simple. Despite the substantial investments in advertising campaigns, this sticky miracle did not reach the expected popularity and appeared again in the hands of children already as early as two decades.

Especially famous lizun, or as it is also called hendgam, became after the release of the movie "Ghostbusters", where the audience really liked the eponymous character, who loves to eat, constantly changing his form and continually spreading over some surface.

A toy of various colors and sizes could be bought at almost every corner. Now, in order to please the child with similar fun, you will have to go around more than a dozen stores, but you can make it yourself. Connect to this process the child and an exciting lesson you are provided.

As easy as pie

The easiest way to make a lime is from water and starch.In addition, it will take a minimum of time, you can be completely confident in the safety of this cute children's fun. It requires only two products:

  • 200 ml. water;
  • 200 ml. starch.

The same amount of ingredients is very important for a successful result, so give up the measurement "by eye" and use a measuring cup.

By combining water and starch, you immediately get a ready hand, but to make it look more attractive, you can add a few drops of greenery or gouache of the color you like. The only minus of such a toy that distinguishes it from the original is the lack of jumping ability.

Helpers for help

There are several simple options for making lizuna at home. Try to make it out of the usual PVA glue. You will need:

  • PVA glue - 100 ml .;
  • soda - ½ st .;
  • water - 50 ml .;
  • dye.

Add some water to the glue to make it more fluid. Pour the dye and stir. Having given the future toy a color, proceed to the next stage - making a mixture of soda and water. Dissolve soda to the consistency of gruel, then add to the glue and mix thoroughly.For this it is very convenient to use a small plastic bag.

If, after vigorous stirring and stirring, you notice that the product has turned out to be watery, add soda or add some glue. To store such a lick is better in a closed bank in order to prolong its "vitality".

Another way to make a funny hand - use your shampoo as a basis. Prepare:

  • any shampoo - 100 ml;
  • polymer adhesive - 100 ml;
  • dye.

Pour the shampoo into a plastic container that is convenient for mixing, pour in the dye of the desired color, mix and gradually pour in the glue. Although this is not the most eco-friendly option, it is this product that will give the necessary toughness and stickiness. The correct texture of the lizun can be controlled by the amount of the polymer mixture.

But the longest fun will be fun for children, cooked with the addition of boron. For her need:

  • boron - ½ tsp;
  • transparent glue - 1 pack .;
  • water, dye.

Home hendgam will be prepared in two parts, so take two containers. In one of them you need to pour 1 tbsp. water and pour sodium tetraborate. In the other, connect 100 ml of water, a tube of glue (about 30 ml) and a colorant.

The mixture from the first container with boron must be carefully poured into the second bowl. Such a toy can be stored for a long time, the only thing parents need is to ensure that the child does not taste it.

You can also experiment with the available materials for children's creativity, such as clay. Gelatin (50 gr.) And water (50 ml) should also be added to it.

First you need to dilute the gelatin in water and allow it to swell, then heat it in a water bath. In a plastic container, connect the clay with water and add the gelatin to the resulting mixture, mix thoroughly and put it in the refrigerator for several hours.

Such simple ways of making handdams with their own hands will allow you to diversify your leisure time and give your child a nice toy.

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