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How to make money online on games?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 17, 2011
How to make money online on games?

We spend a lot of time on the Internet, someone is watching a movie, someone is listening to music, someone is looking for friends, and someone is playing. Let's try to use this time productively. Because for a long time thousands of people make good money playing on the Internet.

How to make money on games on the Internet? Let's try to figure it out. There are many options, but not all of them are suitable for those who are just starting; some are complex and some require considerable material costs.

The most affordable way is to make money by taking part in online games. One of the most popular games of this kind are multiplayer military and strategic MMORPG games. In each of these games there are conventional units of virtual money. The essence of the game is that you have to supply your character with a weapon, buy him clothes, properties and expensive items. All these acquisitions increase the character's rating.Your character, you should try to develop so that it can be more expensive to sell. Of course, this process is quite lengthy, but the game is worth the candle. If you have money, then you can buy an already-promoted character, then the process will go faster. Examples of such games are World of Warcraft, Travian, Linage, Ragnorok. In the game “Ragnorok” you can sell not only the created character, but also the virtual money themselves, by the way, 1,000,000 conventional units of this game cost 30 rubles.

It is worth adding that participation in such games is not free. To begin, you will need to purchase a licensed version of the game. And some games require a monthly subscription fee. If you hope to earn really big money, then you will need a lot of free time to be online as often as possible. There are players who really make money on online games on the Internet tens of thousands of rubles a month.


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