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How to make original frames for photos with your own hands

How to make original frames for photos with your own hands

How to make original photo frames with your own hands

From natural materials


Twigs and branches of different thickness, natural bundle to bind them, autumn leaves, seeds and acorns planted on glue and filling the compartments of a wide frame for a small photo - you can list them endlessly, and in your work you are limited only by fantasy.


No less nice than natural, look soft frame, sheathed with felt or plush - in the latter case, between the frame itself and its "upholstery" still lay a synthetic winterizer to make it plumper.


Thematic framework


Thematic frames usually look very organic, if you select them specifically for a particular photo. Or as a gift to a person who is interested in something special.


For example, a frame assembled from pencils is well suited for a photo of a drawing child. Collect 15-18 pencils of different sizes you do not need (but it is desirable that at least 10 of them were 15 cm long - the length of a standard photo) and a simple framing frame.


Glue it with pencils around the perimeter; they should intersect with each other, and either on the short or on the long sides of the pencils should “overlap” those that come from below. You can assemble such a frame without a baguette, but you will need more pencils that are located closer to each other, and it will be quite difficult to insert glass into it.


How to make original frames for photos with your own hands


Frames for holidays (for example, New Year), family events like anniversaries and wedding celebrations or other important points can be made from any materials, including the methods described above (from the same felt, for example, or twigs).


The main thing is to arrange them in the appropriate colors, with applications from objects of the most varied texture and shape, but necessarily corresponding to the theme (for example, a cone, a decorated Christmas tree and stars for the New Year, a white silk bow and a bootie on the birthday of the baby, etc.).


How to make original frames for photos with your own hands


Frames of unusual shape


A frame of thick cardboard can be made of any shape, although they usually prefer simple geometrical ones; Nothing is more complicated than an asterisk, most often they do not cut it out, because it is also necessary to cut out a photo inserted into it. But the frame can be hung not only on a flat wall - why not decorate the corners? Such a frame, part of which is on one wall, and part on the next one,looks very futuristic.


You will need to cut a baguette or wood frame, and then separately hang, on four mounts, each piece as an independent frame on its wall, making sure that their "open" sides perfectly fit together. The photo you want to put inside will have to be cut the same way.


How to make original frames for photos with your own hands


It is not necessary to cut the frame in half; it looks more unusual if the ond of the parts is very small. This frame can be hung on the outside corners, and on the inside.


Among designers of unusual solutions, it is popular to place photos in old glass jars of different sizes. Put several jars next to each other and place one photo in them so that they will be pressed tightly against the glass. This will distort and increase the proportions a bit, so probably this method is better to use if you want to decorate the room with abstract objects or landscapes, and not with the faces of friends or relatives.


Frames for multiple photos


How to make original frames for photos with your own hands


The easiest option is to glue or rivet several frames together. Do not be afraid of the fact that they “stick out” without making up a figure with ideally even sides - this gives the whole panel a special charm.And if you prefer minimalism, stretch a few threads in an empty frame from the picture, on which, at equal intervals with each other, fix clothes on clothespins.


The frame can be made for a photo of different sizes: draw a sheet of cardboard A2 so that the jumper forms such "nests" for the photo, what you need, and cut out the resulting skeleton. As a substrate, use exactly the same sheet of cardboard, and the top can be decorated with any of the methods given above.


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