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How to make a paper cube?

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How to make a paper cube?

Who has not played the game in which you need to throw a cube with points on the edges! Unfortunately, they are too often lost. So that you do not have to throw out your favorite game because of the missing cube, you can make a replacement with your own hands. It is simple, and we will tell more about the manufacturing process below.

How can you make paper cube

You can read more about the various options for paper cubes in the article How to make a toy out of paper. In this article we will explain how to make a cube for a board game out of paper. Usually these are small cubes, but it is not convenient to glue such pieces. Therefore, we recommend making a cube measuring 2 x 2 x 2 cm. So, the order of actions.

  1. Take a sheet of thick paper, draw a square with a side of 2 cm. This will be one face of the cube.
  2. On each side of the square, draw on one more - it turned out five faces.
  3. The cube has 6 sides, so to one of the squares we draw another one - the sixth edge. The result was a cube scan.
  4. So that the edges can be glued together, we need allowances for the edges. Draw the allowances.Cube
  5. Now it's time to write on the edges of the number or put points from 1 to 6 - points that will fall out when you roll a die. It is better to write glasses not with a pencil or a ballpoint pen, but with ink or ordinary ink.
  6. When the ink is dry, you need to cut out the development along with the allowances.
  7. Bend the sweep along one of the lines. To bend more clearly, you need to hold the top of the bend with something hard and smooth, slightly pressing.
  8. Spread glue allowances and glue the cube.

A more complicated way to make a cube is described in the article How to make a cube out of paper.

Varieties of toy cubes

In addition to simple cubes with glasses and pictures for kids, there are other cubes-puzzles.Paper yoshimoto cube

In the 60s, the Japanese Naoki Yoshimoto invented the transforming cube, which was called the Yoshimoto cube. Naoki once discovered that a square can be assembled from two rhombic figures and created a structure consisting of four cubes divided into rhombic figures. This design, rotating parts, can be turned into very diverse shapes.

Another nominal toy is the Rubik's Cube, invented by Hungarian Rubik in the 80s.Each facet of this cube, painted in its color and consists of 9 parts. At first, rotating the faces of the cube, all colors are mixed up, and then they try to assemble them back. Often - unsuccessfully.


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