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How to make snowdrops from corrugated paper

How to make snowdrops from corrugated paperThere is a huge variety of ways to make snowdrops in the form of handicrafts. This flower is considered a true symbol of spring and natural revival. A bouquet of snowdrops will be a wonderful spring gift.

The most simple application "Snowdrops" is available for production even for small children. It will need ordinary strips of different colored and white paper. Width is usually chosen not too large - about 1 or 1, 5 cm. To show the child clearly how to make a snowdrop, you need to teach him to fold paper with eyelets, and then stick them to the cardboard base. Combining the bases of 4-5 loops together, a flower is obtained. Then a strip of stalk and leaves is stuck to it.

Snowdrops application for Easter

Such an applique “Snowdrops” will be a great greeting card option for Easter and other spring holidays.You will need cardboard or thick green paper for the base, “egg” shells and paper flowers.

To make the "egg" shell, fit the usual kind of thick white paper, which does not swell from the glue and can not warp. A half of the shell of a broken egg is cut out of it, making the edges sharpened.
For flowers, you need to prepare two layers and a pattern in the form of a snowdrop flower - for quick cutting. For the top layer, plain white paper is used. The edges of each flower should be finely cut with scissors, making a peculiar fringe, about 0.5 cm deep. For the bottom layer, color foil is useful, preferably a blue or light blue shade.How to make snowdrops from corrugated paper

Both types of flowers are cut on the same pattern. Usually make 5 flowers, but if you want you can cut more.

To glue the flowers, first put a blue foil blank, and on top, slightly shifting to the side - a white flower. Glue should not touch the fringe cut at the edges. At the end of the work with flowers, you need to carefully stick a basket of shells, covering the traces of glue.

Volume applique of corrugated snowdrops

How to make snowdrops from corrugated paperA thin variety of corrugated paper will serve as an excellent material for various handicrafts, especially for bulk ones. The product from such paper will be not only bright, but also quite original. Such material can be:

  • stretch;
  • to knead;
  • tear if necessary;
  • cut with scissors;
  • It is easy to twist in the form of a tube, bow or rope.

How to make snowdrops from corrugated paperIn order to make corrugated paper snowdrops, you will need the starting material in three colors:

  • green - for the manufacture of stems and leaves;
  • blue for petals of the first type;
  • White - for the petals of the second type.

Bulk application of snowdrops: step by step instructions

A strip of about 20 cm in length and about 2 cm in width is cut out of green paper. Then it is twisted to give a rope. It will be a stalk. Two equal strips with a width of 1 cm and a length of about 10 cm will serve as sheets. You can make one sheet a little more, and the other a little less. In the middle of each sheet, you can make a bend with a ruler. White and blue stripes should be prepared for petals, 3 pieces each. each color, their dimensions are about 4 cm long and 1 cm wide.How to make snowdrops from corrugated paper

Then you must in turn stick all the elements on the prepared postcard or a piece of colored cardboard. In the middle there is a slightly curved stem.On both sides of it gently need to glue bent leaves. Leave one of the edges of the stalk bundle not glued and slightly straighten it. Petals will be attached to it.
Video workshop on the creation of corrugated paper snowdrops and candy - this is a version of a wonderful gift for any holiday.

Attaching the petals, down you need to put blue, and on top of them, slightly shifting to the side - white. There should be 3 petals, from under which a blue color looks a little, imitating the volume of a living flower.


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