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How to make a Barbie?

Barbie doll for several generations of girls was a cherished dream and one of the most desirable gifts. They made dresses for them, set up houses, made hairstyles, wanted to be like them. Having matured, some girls decide to realize their childhood dream and bring their appearance closer to that of Barbie. To achieve the desired result, you need to take into account the following tips.

Desired figure

Although Barbie has become the standard of beauty for many girls, the parameters of her figure are unnatural. The doll has an overly narrowed waist, combined with a very lush bust and hips. For the average woman is unattainable and unnatural. So do not be discouraged by the dissimilarity of your figure with the figure of a doll, but simply create a similar silhouette. From now on, you become a fan of healthy eating and sports. Gradually, the legs will become slim, and the waist will be marked and reduced in size. Properly selected exercises, if necessary, will help to visually increase the volume of the hips.The decision of what to do with a small breast, each takes individually. But do not immediately run to the surgeon, as well-chosen bra and clothes will help create the necessary visual effect. Do not forget about proper nutrition. It will help you to form the perfect shape and give a healthy look to your hair, skin and nails.

Puppet wardrobe

Without properly selected clothing, the image will be incomplete. You begin a new life with short dresses and skirts, bright fabrics and massive ornaments. Clothing dolls always favorably emphasizes her figure. You worked well on it, why not show the results to others? Remember, Barbie is a lady doll, not a baby doll. You should not get carried away pointedly infantile outfits and prints. In them you will look like Malvina or Cinderella, but not like Barbie.

It is worth noting that Barbie's favorite color is pink, so you need to get a pink wardrobe. But you should not dwell only on this feature, you can also buy clothes of bright or light shades.

Facial care

Barbie is always the perfect manicure, luxurious hair and neat makeup. Begin to care for yourself.Pay attention to your hair, skin and nails, and gradually they will delight you with their well-groomed appearance. With the help of make-up, you can easily give a doll a pretty face. Align the tone of the face, correct its shape with blush, visually enlarge the eyes and apply bright lipstick. Classic Barbie - blonde with long hair and blue eyes. Hair, if desired, can grow or grow, and changing the hair color to white, you turn from a brown-haired woman or brunette to a blond Barbie. Blue eyes can be obtained by applying the lenses of the desired color.

Barbie's behavior

The smile does not leave Barbie, the depression is not familiar to her. It is difficult to imagine drunk or smoking around the corner. Therefore, we begin to enjoy life, radiate warmth, give up bad habits and behave correctly in society.

Now you know how to make yourself a real Barbie. Some of the tips will be useful for any girl, as a beautiful figure, grooming and smiling never go out of fashion.


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