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How to massage a baby?

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How to massage a baby?

The baby in the house is not only real happiness, but also the constant work of the parents. In order for the baby to develop properly, in addition to the constant monitoring of his health, preventive procedures, such as massage, are necessary. It can be done to the baby practically from the first days of life, but at the same time, it is extremely important to know how to properly massage the baby. Any wrong actions, excessive pressing on certain areas, may be unsafe. And therefore, you should carefully study how and what kind of massage should be done for small children from 0 to 6 months.


So, it is recommended to begin massage the child from about the third week of life. This is the earliest time, on the recommendation of doctors. In general, for such children massage can not be called a massage, in the usual sense. However, it is extremely important for their development. Light stroking should be carried out from the child's forehead to the temples. You also need to consistently, lightly massage the fingers on the legs and the handle.Stroking the upper part of the body should be carried out from the chest to the shoulder joints of the child. Handles need to gently massage movements from the hands to the shoulders. As for how to massage a month-old baby on the legs, then there is also nothing complicated. It is necessary, holding under the heel, to take the baby's foot, with the other hand to hold light strokes from the foot - up to the hip joint. Even if, at first glance, such exercises for an adult person seem extremely simple and perhaps useless, they are of great importance for the health and blood circulation of the child.

Focus on age

With the growth of the child massage should gradually become more complicated. So, for a three-month baby, a set of exercises should be more complex and intense. Massage of the back is carried out with the help of stroking the back of the hand up, from the pelvis to the head, and then, wrapping the hand palm down, stroking the back in the direction from top to bottom. For the tummy to be a separate massage. It is necessary for the development of the transverse and oblique abdominal muscles. The palms are placed under the child's lower back and are moved towards the navel with stroking movements.Until the hands converge. One more exercise for the massage of the tummy, you need to do this: holding the baby's legs with one hand, with the other, in a circular motion, massage around the navel. In this case, the movement must be clockwise.

Further, you should be aware of the features of how to massage the infant. A little more, for example, at the age of 4 months. So, these kids will need more movement, one stroking will not be enough for them. Muscles should gradually prepare for the subsequent movement, because they need more dynamic exercises. So, handles baby, cross on his chest, then dilute to the side. Repeat the exercise several times. The legs should be turned to the sides so that the head and torso rotated afterwards. Thus, the baby is easier and easier to learn how to roll over. First you need to help your baby finish the turn, helping him with his own hands. Exercises that have been done before should not be abandoned. In order to understand how to massage the baby, it needs to be constantly improved and complicated, but in no case should you throw out the exercises that were worked out in earlier periods of development.

The child constantly needs to be prepared for movement, by 5-6 months he begins to prepare to crawl and therefore it is extremely important that his arms and legs get a little stronger. Therefore, at this age, the exercises become more complex. In order for the child to develop properly, in addition to the muscles, his own reflexes, the following exercises should be included in the massage complex. Taking the child by the handles, raise him little by little from the prone position. So he will begin to strengthen grasping reflexes, which is extremely important for independent games. You also need to know how to massage the feet of a child at that age. In the prone position, on the back, holding the legs, bend them at the knee joints, leading to the tummy. The arms and legs must continue to bend and unbend. Foot massage is also extremely important. The child must always knead each heel a little each time. Thus, the muscles will be formed correctly, and the baby, when the time comes, will be able to walk very quickly to learn how to put the leg correctly.

In addition to the simplest exercises listed above, on the Internet you can find a huge number of very different videos on how to massage a child in each new growth period.Exercises are mainly aimed at what skills a child will have in a given period. However, as already mentioned, the accumulated exercises should lay down new ones on themselves, but in no case should they replace those that had been done before. Of course, there are a lot of videos on the Internet not only with traditional, safe, from the point of view of medicine, types of massage. Usually complexes are selected only with the participation of a pediatrician. Extreme caution should be with little-known types of massage, extreme techniques. It requires a full awareness of the responsibility for the health of the baby, which lies with its parents. And if there is a desire or need to do some kind of not quite traditional massage, then it is necessary to consult a doctor. For the procedures you need to invite a specialist whose experience is beyond doubt.

We are adjusted on massage

It is necessary to massage the child in a relaxed atmosphere. Best of all, if it is held at about the same time, then the baby will be able to get used to the regimen and will respond more calmly to the massage. At the same time it is important that the same person conduct exercises with the child.This may be a mom, dad or a professional children's masseuse. If a person is not native and the baby is not yet familiar with him, then, starting classes, it is necessary to give the child a little to get used to the new person. Mom must be nearby. If the baby is nervous, it should be a little hold on his hands, calm. Well, if the mother is all the time to slowly talk, then the child will constantly feel her presence and become less nervous. It is also important to know how often to massage the baby so as not to overdo it with the exercises. Light massage, at home, you can safely do every day, starting with 10 minutes and bringing classes to 30 minutes. The child should get used gradually. If the kid likes classes, they can be spent a little longer. However, you should train different muscle groups in order not to overload the body. If the massage is more intense and it is done by a specialist, then it will be enough to hold sessions every other day.

Thus, it becomes clear that massage is extremely important for the child. They should not neglect them, because with a low mobility of the child, it is he who contributes to proper development. In addition, the massage is soothing and after it the child falls asleep perfectly.


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