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How to meet a beautiful girl

The first step to the goal is to overcome your indecision and approach the desired girlfriend. For starters, you can practice starting conversations with other women. Set a task for the day - meet 10 girls. Go to a crowded place: cafe, library, supermarket. Start a conversation with the first lady who will meet. Behave at ease.

How to overcome yourself

It is good to arrange a semblance of competition with a friend: who in a certain time will meet a large number of girls. Loser treats beer. What to do if received a refusal? Know that failures are not a cause for disappointment. This is a step towards self-improvement. Analyze the cause and behave differently next time. It is noticed that failures often get frank louts. For the rest of the girls are more supportive, if, of course, the guy is sober and tidy.
Having gained enough experience in dating methods, go to the object of desire.The expected meeting can take place anywhere. Regardless, you need to feel relaxed and at ease. Girls in this case rarely leave the conversation. Breathe slowly and deeply, get the "bad" thoughts out of your head. No need to dwell on waiting for the bad. But if you are nervous and twitching, few people want to stay even just beside.

Meet the beauty

Before you go to the girl, watch her first from the side. It is very important to understand her mood. Chagrin or anger is not the best companion for dating. It is also not advisable to approach, if it is surrounded by friends. With a convenient set of circumstances, try to draw attention to yourself, catch the gaze of a beautiful woman.
Already by one of her reactions, one can judge her interest in you. If she smiled and looked away, and then tried again to glance in secret, you can proceed to the next steps. If she made a face and turned away, it is better to leave her alone. Maybe lucky next time or with another beauty.
Girls love to talk, especially when they are carefully listened to. Show that you are different from the rest.Try to get her opinion on some issue. This may be a gossip about a famous person, a blockbuster, released on the screens, or the opening of a new institution. Reveal interest. And then act on the circumstances.
Understand that some guys, without overpowering themselves, are not suitable for beauties. Because of this, the girls think that something is wrong with them, and they complex. Therefore, they get more courageous and persistent guys.

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