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How to name a boy in November?

Olga Koval
Olga Koval
January 24, 2015
How to name a boy in November?

Choose a name for your child - it means in many ways to determine his fate. No wonder in the old days very carefully selected names for children, focusing on the calendar and consulting with the elders.

It is very good to name the child according to the church calendar and thereby give him the intercession of the Guardian Angel.

Name variants for boys born in November

If your baby should be born in the last month of autumn, you probably wondered how to call the boy in November. Good names that are suitable for children born this month: Ivan, Sergey, Artem, Yakov, Alexander, Anton, Vladimir, Vasily, Konstantin, Ignatius, Afanasy, Dmitry, Andrey, Mark, Maxim, Stepan, Zinovy, Kuzma, George, Egor, Yuri, Nikanor, Grigory, Arseny, Herman, Pavel, Valery, Eugene, Kirill, Fedor, Fedot, Mikhail, Orest, Vikenty, Victor.

If you want to name your baby somehow especially, you can indicate on the birth certificate one name for the child and call it that way in worldly life, and at baptism give it a name according to the calendar calendar to protect it from evil.


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