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How to negotiate at work?

Negotiation skills are perhaps one of the most valuable skills of a good manager, a successful director or owner of a company. Sometimes knowledge and talent alone are not enough to become successful, as well as successfully talk with business partners, customers or employers.

The profitability of any company is 90% dependent on the ability to negotiate with suppliers or colleagues, however, not everyone is able to cope with this business perfectly. There are a lot of serious literature on this topic, which includes aspects of psychology, ethics and business, however, many of us have problems at the very beginning, even without going into details.

So, how to negotiate correctly, whether at work, at home or with some serious foreign partners? The higher the stakes and, the more difficult the things being discussed, the harder the negotiations can take place, sometimes without ending up with something useful for both parties.

People argue among themselves, prove their positions, however, the process does not move from the dead end. What is the matter? There are a number of practical tips and recommendations that will help you deal with the problems that have arisen, and will also guide the situation in the right direction.

Ability of business communication. Where to begin?

If you are still quite a beginner in this business, then, probably, it is not out of place to take a course to improve your abilities in business negotiations. It is there that you can get the basics of this difficult task, delve into the secrets of communication, and also open up new opportunities for your own personality.

Perhaps it would not be out of place to speak in oratorical skills, especially for people who are introverts by nature: they make new acquisitions hard, make contact with great difficulty and, sometimes, with their not very friendly look, push people away.

Having turned into a person who is pleasant in communication and who knows how to attract people, you will receive new business opportunities in the form of new customers, partners and even friends.

There is a goal - I do not see obstacles

Learn to clearly position your goals, find out for yourself what exactly you want to achieve from the current negotiations.Surprisingly, but often the parties can argue for hours, but, at the same time, do not have a clear understanding of the final result.

Without specific goals, it is difficult to understand what can be abandoned, so to speak, to sacrifice, during negotiations for the future, and on what to stand until the very end.

By the way, there is an opinion that women in this regard are able to negotiate much more effectively, since they are always determined to receive prospects, but men have an instant result, which sometimes is not the best solution.

More specifics

An important point in the conduct of any negotiations is not only a clear positioning of the goal, but also the ability to be restrained, but it is informative to put all your ideas and suggestions that your side can offer at the moment.

Do not pour water, otherwise your opponent may think that there is nothing special to offer you. Never admit ambiguity, everything should be clear and short: you should not hope that what you understand is clear to all participants in the discussion. That is why each item of your conversation should be considered and described in detail in the documentation.

Appearance and behavior

The basis of any negotiations, even the most insignificant, is a presentable appearance that must necessarily correspond to the situation. Perhaps this is a classic suit or a looser dress code, it is important to take care of this in advance. In order to properly negotiate, it is very important to behave at ease, because you do not solve the issues of life and death.

It is important to be able to relax and carry on a conversation as if you are doing it every day, but do not forget what the main purpose of your meeting is. There is no place for courtesies, and even more so for flirting, it is important to keep everything on one on a formal and polite note.

Maintaining good relationships is key to successful negotiations.

Sometimes there is such an opinion that the best negotiators are those people who are able to “snatch” every last drop from their opponents, however, this is not always the case.

Positive results in the conclusion of any transaction can also be achieved by those people who know exactly which situation they need to stand on their own to the last, and where it is possible to make concessions, albeit minor ones.

To do this, it is necessary to carefully study the issue under discussion, imbued with all possible outcomes.You should not start a partnership with the negative, who knows where and when you still have to face.

Observing the listed tips and recommendations, you will surely be able to achieve in the negotiations exactly what you would like most of all, no matter if it was usually an interview or a serious financial dispute with important foreign partners.

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