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How to open the market?

Yuri Belousikov
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How to open the market?

Opening a market business is quite troublesome. But, nevertheless, if everything is done correctly, then it is very profitable. The main difficulties will be at the very beginning, because before you open the market, you need to get permission. For your convenience, we will present all the necessary actions in strict sequence. By following them step by step, you can certainly do what you have outlined.

What is needed to open a market

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Here we are talking about obtaining registration documents. To obtain a certificate of registration of the market, you need to register the PI or LLC, that is, to become a legal entity having the right to engage in business activities.

Business plan

Since you decided to open the market, you should at least have a general idea of what kind of enterprise this is and how you plan to earn income (a little hint: of course, from the rent of trading places). We add only that after all the calculations of investments and payback, you can, with a well-written business plan, apply to the bank for a loan if you do not have your own capital.

Building permit

Just because no one will give it to you - you need to have at least a ready-made market project. The market should be located on a flat asphalt area. In addition to shopping malls and stand-alone stalls, it is necessary to provide a place for a warehouse, as well as an administrative room and, of course, a room for security during off-hours.

The final stage: advertising, lease

After construction is completed, care must be taken to ensure that all objects comply with fire safety and sanitary standards. Finally, you can proceed to the delivery of trading places for rent. If there are not enough familiar entrepreneurs, a reasonable solution would be to allocate a certain amount for an advertising campaign - even if it is limited to your area, nevertheless, as practice shows, the effect of it will be quite enough to start.

And then it will be possible not to think about advertising, since the proposals to you will start to be received in sufficient quantities - of course, on condition of a reasonable price policy. Pay attention to drawing up a model contract with tenants so that these transactions are concluded without delay.


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