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How to organize a bakery

You will need
  • -information about the state of the bakery industry in the region;
  • -room from 100 square meters;
  • -line equipment for baking and storing bread;
  • - certificates of conformity for each type of product;
  • - about eight interchangeable bakers and packers, a technologist and an accountant.
Do a marketing research before deciding to create your own bakery - evaluate the bakery market in your region. If there is a shortage of even standard bakery products on the market, then the green road opens for you and your bakery anyway. If there are always ordinary cut loaves and loaves of wheat bread on the shelves of stores, then it is better to focus on the quality and uniqueness of the products that you will produce.
Find a suitable room for the bakery, having familiarized yourself with all the details with the requirements of the Rospotrebnadzor and then agreeing on the option that you consider acceptable to youSemi-basements, rooms that do not have a ventilation system or are not connected to a central sewer system are not suitable for your purposes. Both production areas (baking area and packing area), as well as the storage area should be clearly separated from each other - this is also a strict requirement of licensing organizations.
Purchase main and auxiliary equipment for bread production. Experienced market players are advised to invest money so far only in imported equipment produced in Western European countries. By purchasing an expensive line of more automated equipment for baking bread, you can even save on the salary of the bakery staff, because you will need less people to work.
Hire a technologist who has experience in the bakery industry, and not just in the food industry. Replaceable bakers and packers you will need at least two for each shift. A bakery cannot do without an accountant, whereas at first, the entrepreneur himself usually performs the functions of a supply and distribution manager.
Helpful advice
For the sale of bakery products, establish business relations with one of the wholesalers that buy bread from manufacturers and sell it to retail outlets - it will be too troublesome for you to take bread to the shops yourself.

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