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How to organize the production of foam blocks?

What technology to choose? Make the equipment yourself or buy? Used much different from the new?
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Roman Negotiated
Roman Negotiated
Answered on November 18, 2015 00:58
Well, if we are talking about the organization of production, then everything is elementary - it is necessary to evaluate the market, make a business plan and find financial resources - it is necessary to develop an effective production technology and organize its observance - it is necessary to plan the work of the staff and organize the monitoring of work - it is necessary to provide equipment maintenance - it is necessary to organize sales Just... :) In addition, in the foam of the foam concrete it is worthwhile to attend to the issues of construction technology - you can make great foam blocks, but - miscalculation of buildings - masonry reinforcement - protection of foam blocks from moisture Nobody canceled Probably, in this regard, it will also be interesting to see Overview of manufacturers of equipment for foam concrete Comparison of production technology of foam concrete Recommendations on the choice of equipment
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Carol scott
Carol scott
Answered on April 12, 13:18
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