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How to pay by credit card

You will need
  • - a credit card in your name;
  • - a passport or other document with a photo (not always);
  • - the balance of money on the card is not less than the amount of payment.
In some cases it may be necessary to immediately communicate your desire to pay.cardbefore placing an order or starting to make a purchase to the cashier. But more often it is enough to simply give a card instead of cash to a seller, cashier, waiter, consultant, etc.
Often the specialist to whom you handed the card for payment may require you to have a passport or another document with the name and photo to compare it with the name of the owner written on the card itself and identify you. If there is your photo on the card (this option is possible in a number of banks), it is quite enough.
However, without it, the document from you may not be required.
Some types of cards, usually of the most modest class, may require entering a PIN code with each payment. In this case, you will have to dial the necessary combination of numbers onthe proposed device. Try to do it so that no one sees the PIN. For example, cover the keyboard with your hand.
After confirming the debit, the device accepting payment by card (usually called POS-terminals) will issue a check. Sign on it and give it to the cashier or another specialist who accepted the payment (waiter, consultant, seller, receptionist at the hotel, etc.).
You will be given another copy of the check, which, in turn, will be signed by the one who accepted the payment. Keep it for a while in case of a dispute.
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There may be situations where payment by card does not work due to communication problems or for other reasons.
If there are not enough funds on the card, the payment will also fail.
Helpful advice
In institutions where payment by credit cards is accepted, at the entrance and at the box office (if any) and other places where payment is accepted, logos of cards of those systems with which the institution works are posted. Please note if there is some information that payment by card is temporarily not accepted.

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