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How to plant garlic

Garlic is one of the most unpretentious plants. But despite this, to get a good harvest, you need to know a lot of subtleties. And so beginner gardeners often have questions about how to plant garlic.

Garlic belongs to the group of bulbous plants and needs cold for development. In this regard, it is usually planted either in early spring or autumn. Each of these methods has its own characteristics. If you are interested in how to plant garlic depending on the lunar calendar, you can read about it in our article: When to plant garlic. We will tell you how and when it is better to plant this crop in accordance with the rules of agricultural engineering.

How to plant garlic in the spring

By planting spring garlic should begin as soon as the frosts end and the snow melts. Only in this case, the garlic will have time before the onset of heat to increase the vegetative mass well, that is, its heads will be quite large.

The day before the landing, it is necessary to disinfect the soil. For this, the bed is plentifully watered with lightly salted water (60 g of table salt are taken for 10 liters of water).

Large head of garlic neatly divided into individual cloves.Planting spring garlic should be like this: a clove is stuck into the ground with a Donets so that the second end protrudes a couple of millimeters from the soil. The distance between the teeth should be at least ten centimeters, and between the rows - 15 cm.

Top bed sprinkled with sawdust or sand and abundantly watered. Since garlic is a frost-resistant plant, there is no need to cover the bed additionally with plastic wrap.

After the emergence of the first shoots produce fertilizing ammonium sulfate. The second feeding is performed around mid-June. More information about dressings can be found in our article: How to grow garlic.

Speaking about how to plant spring garlic, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that this crop should not be planted annually in the same place. In addition, planting garlic is not recommended on land, where onions or potatoes were previously planted.

How to plant garlic in the fall

Before the onset of sustained frosts, garlic should have time to form a sufficiently branched root system, penetrating into the soil not less than ten centimeters, but it does not give the growth of leaves.It takes him about two to three weeks. Therefore, in central Russia to plant garlic before winter should be in mid-October.

Properly plant garlic is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. Ignorance of some features of this culture will lead to the fact that the harvest will turn out to be poor. So, it is very important to choose the planting material and prepare it.

To do this, a large head of garlic is divided into separate cloves. At the same time, all teeth that have any signs of mechanical damage, rot or disease (presence of mold, black or rusty spots on their surface) should be rejected. Never use for planting the teeth of the bulbs, which are independently disintegrated. Immediately before planting, the teeth are soaked for several hours in a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Equally important and properly prepare the ground for planting. To do this, make holes in the garden about 10 cm deep. River sand is poured in them and a prepared clove is placed in it, making sure that its sharp end is directed upwards. From above, the holes are covered with a handful of earth mixed with rotted manure.

The bed of garlic should be protected from the upcoming frost. To do this, it is insulated with dry leaves, tops of flowers or straw. The thickness of the insulation layer must be at least 15 cm.

Information about the time of harvesting garlic, you can find in our article When to remove garlic.

What can you plant garlic?

Experienced gardeners always plan future crops, while taking into account the rules of crop rotation. Knowledge of the basic provisions of agricultural engineering will allow you to achieve a good harvest in the country.

Then plant garlic?

Agronomists recommend planting garlic in areas where vegetable crops with a fairly short vegetative period (grain, pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, cauliflower and cabbage) grew before. It also grows well in areas of soil after beans, for example, after beans.

After which you can not plant garlic?

Garlic should not be planted for several years at the same place, as well as at the site of the former onion plantations. Violation of this rule leads to soil infection by the stem nematode.

Garlic also grows very poorly on soils previously occupied by potatoes, beets, carrots, and tomatoes.At the same time, landings are often infected with Fusarium.

What to plant garlic?

Very good to plant garlic between strawberry outlets. Phytoncides of this plant heal the soil well and deter pests, which ensures a good harvest of berries.

Not bad, if there are beds with tomatoes near the garlic beds (at a distance of about 60 cm). In this case, the garlic will be protected from the scab attack, and the tomatoes - from infection with rye.

Also planting garlic protect planting potatoes located near them from the attack of the Colorado potato beetle.


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