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How to print in Excel document or spreadsheet?

Alisa Verbova
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How to print in Excel document or spreadsheet?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular in Microsoft Office. It is often necessary to print the results obtained. But how to print Excel? This program has its own features.

  • Before printing, review the data, make sure that they are completely visible on the screen. Figures that do not fit in the cell or text will be replaced by �##� symbols. Therefore, in advance, expand the required columns or increase the height of the rows.
  • Turn on page preview: click on the �File� tab and in the menu that opens, click the �Print� command. In the lower left corner of the received window we see the �View� button, with which we get the layout of the desired sheet. Here you can view the next or previous pages (if the document contains several sheets). To exit this mode, select the �Close� tab at the top of the window.

How to print a spreadsheet in Excel

If the data is in a table, go to it by clicking on one of the cells in this table.

  • Set the boundaries of the desired area, i.e.select those cells that should be printed.
  • Through the tab "File" go to "Print", and then - in the "View".
  • Select the appropriate settings:
    • page orientation (portrait or landscape);
    • scale table;
    • set the fields on the sheet;
    • set the number of pages under the information.

How to print a document in Excel

Let your results be placed on several sheets that are required in printed form.

  • Select the desired sheets by clicking the mouse first on the first, then, while pressing the SHIFT key, on the last (if these are adjacent sheets). If non-contiguous sheets are selected, then mark them while holding down the CTRL key all the time.
  • Enter the "Print" through the "File" and print the document, not forgetting all the same about the preview.

Important note! In Excel 2003, printing may cause distortion of the size of graphs, shapes, objects. Take this into account when determining the settings. There are no such problems in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.


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