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How to punish the neighbors?

Noisy neighbors - a problem for those who live next to them. You just can not go about their business, watch a movie, read a book, moreover, because of this, you can lose a full sleep. Ultimately, you have to endure an unpleasant noise and constantly be in a state of stress, and this can adversely affect your psyche and health. You can expect anything from such neighbors: quarrels among family members, “loud” TVs, slamming doors, tramping and much more.

How to punish noisy neighbors

First you need to try "personal contact". This is a fairly good method for resolving a situation. In most cases, this method helps to convey to your neighbors what the problem is. If you do get together and go to your neighbor, do not be too aggressive or too suspicious. Show courtesy and friendliness. Then you can most likely find a compromise and arrange for the neighbors to stop the unpleasant noise, and your relationship will remain on a friendly and polite level.After all, it is much more pleasant to live in a good neighborhood than to endure the presence of a careless neighbor every day.

Neighbor you do not know

Suppose that you live in a place where the neighbors do not communicate with each other, and few people know each other. By the way, noisy neighbors and have a place to be in those places where people communicate little and mostly live apart. How to punish the neighbors in this situation? Neighbors should be notified in writing. To do this, you need to write a letter about the dissatisfaction of the tenants and put it under the door of the neighbors, without specifying names and addresses. But as we said above, you need to be polite and diplomatic, even in a letter. This is also a fairly good method of suppressing noisy neighbors, and your anonymity is a guarantee that they will not be able to find out exactly who wrote the letter, but they will know that the neighbors are outraged by their behavior, and then troublemakers will begin to think.

Neighbor - inadequate person

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to solve the problem by talking or writing. Many people are constantly in a state of conflict with their neighbors, and there are those who simply fear them. If you are sure that your neighbors are inadequate people and will take retaliatory measures, then you should not even approach them.Problem neighbors are observed mainly in rather poor areas, and such behavior is in the order of things. If you live next to such neighbors, then it is generally better for you not to enter into a dialogue with them, but to immediately transfer this matter into the hands of the relevant authorities. The safety and tranquility of citizens is just within the scope of their authority.

If you decide to involve the local authorities, you will need to have written evidence of what is happening. If available, you can deal with this problem quickly. You need to record the time of what is happening, the duration and nature of the noise coming from your neighbors. Remember, the more evidence you present, the more effectively the relevant authorities will work.

How to punish the neighbors on top? We hope that after this article you will no longer have such questions, and silence and tranquility will come to your house.


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