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How to put a child on the queue in kindergarten?

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How to put a child on the queue in kindergarten?

Nowadays, the number of places in kindergartens is essentially not enough. Given the current situation with preschool institutions, many parents from the first days of their baby�s life are concerned with the question: how to put a child on the queue at a kindergarten? When it is necessary to do it on time, where to apply and what documents should be prepared? Let's sort through all the questions that arise for young parents so that they do not worry young mothers and dads on the very first and most important days of caring for a baby.

How to get on the queue?

Many mothers are sure: as soon as the birth certificate of the child is in your hands, you need to immediately put the baby on the queue. And this is so, because the sequence depends on the date of application.

You can sign up in two ways:

  1. Submit documents and write an application to the education department of the local administration, for which you will be given a form.The child�s turn can be placed according to the place of residence or place of residence, when it is different - it is worth indicating this in the application.
  2. Get on the line via the Internet. The latest achievement of progress is the electronic queues in kindergartens, which allow you to avoid trips to the education department and wait in the specialist waiting list. You simply register, fill in the required fields, enter the data of the documents and select the desired garden. Thus, the application will go to a specialist in pre-school institutions in your area. Changes to the status of the application come to your email inbox, and you can change information about yourself or your child at any time.

List of documents for enqueuing

In order to get on the queue at the kindergarten, you will need the following documents:

  • birth certificate of the child;
  • application for preschool;
  • passport of one of the parents;
  • A document that confirms the benefits.

Who has the benefits?

To date, the following categories of the population have privileges for the primary placement of a child in kindergarten:

  • parents (or one of them) - military personnel;
  • police officers, as well as families where the parent is a deceased police officer or injured in the service;
  • employees of the federal fire service;
  • staff of drug control authorities;
  • large families;
  • disabled parents and disabled children;

The following children will be taken to the kindergarten

  • a judge, prosecutor or investigator;
  • a soldier or federal employee who died in the operations of the North Caucasus region and Dagestan;
  • a parent exposed to radiation at the Chernobyl NPP;
  • military personnel and employees of ATS.

Remember that before you go to the education department, you should find out the reception hours of specialists involved in the sequence in preschool institutions.


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