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How to put a patch?

Alina Alexandrova
Alina Alexandrova
January 18, 2013
How to put a patch?

Do you dream of having modern software at hand? No problem! You just need to learn how to put the patch! In other words, simply update the program!

How to update the software or how to put the patch in the program, computer games? Novice users may be puzzled. Let's step points on and:

Ways to install the patch

  1. The first thing to understand is whether the autopatch feature is enabled in the software.
  2. The next question is: how does the autopatch function work? This feature is very popular and works on many programs. The bottom line is that when you log on to the Internet, the auto patch function is associated with the manufacturer’s website to determine if there are any updates to its current version.
  3. If updates exist, the program invites you to download the patch. Downloading the patch, you have already done 90% of your work. Installing the patch is elementary.
  4. After completion of the installation process, the program will clarify the reboot.After the reboot, you already own the updated version of the program.

There is one more simple way to install a patch. This method is mainly used to update computer games. To upgrade you need to download the installer. The size of the installer, usually varies from 2 to 150 MB. Problems when downloading should arise. Patches of this type can be both local and general. So now you understand how to put a patch, let's see what patches are.

What are local and general patches doing?

Local patches raise the program one level. For example, if before the update, the version of the program was 1.0, then afterwards it will be 1.1. General patches jump from 1.0 to 1.8. After downloading the installer, you must install it on your computer using the installer and reboot.

In any case, no matter what method you choose to install the patch, you must install the patch of the official manufacturer. And, if there are homemade versions, get rid of them! This is necessary in order to avoid application conflicts, as well as for the correct operation of the installed update.You can remove old patches through standard install / uninstall programs.

Why patches are needed?

  • Correct defects and bugs in the software.
  • Improve the performance of program functions.
  • New modern features.
  • Ensuring compatibility with new libraries.

Today, self-extracting patches are very popular. Self-installing patches are created in special utilities.


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