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How to raise a puppy?

Buying a puppy is not buying a thing. And although they give birth to a dog on the occasion: they were presented by friends or children brought from the street, the final decision to take only you. If you are not ready for this, it is better to immediately abandon the unwanted acquisition. And if you are firmly confident in yourself and your abilities, learn how to raise a puppy.

Do you need a dog

A dog is a member of the family, not part of the household property. She needs to be engaged. After all, the dog, abandoned to the mercy of fate, is doomed to torment. It can be a source of danger to others, and for members of the whole family. To avoid this, familiarize yourself with the rules of how to raise a puppy.

General tips for raising dogs

  • They say that, raising dogs, you need to use the same methods as in raising a child. To understand how to properly educate a puppy, consider a few general tips. Understand the main thing - you must treat the puppy calmly and with all fairness.
  • Whatever the puppy does, do not tear your irritation on him, because this can lead to fear of the owner.With this method, you definitely will not wean the dog from unwanted actions.
  • If you punish a puppy for some kind of offense, do it right away, and not after some time.
  • If it seems to you that only people can communicate, you are mistaken. A puppy becomes attached to its owner so quickly that, remaining alone, begins to whine from boredom. Have you noticed how you like your pet lies at your feet when you sit at a desk or watch TV? This is the communication of animals with people.
  • Knowing how to properly raise a puppy, you will not pamper him. Do not think that as an adult, he will be smarter, and you will ask him, as with an adult dog. This is self-deception! From the beginning, ask to sleep only in its place. Looking at the pitiful, whining attractive face, do not let him jump on the couch, and especially in bed. Otherwise, after a while, when the dog becomes large, you will be angry with it.

Give the name of the puppy

You can't say a lot about a puppy's name. You are the owner - it is up to you to decide how to call a friend, so that the name suits him in temperament, appearance Let's miss the moment when the puppy is purebred.In this case, the puppy club instructor will help you find the puppy's name.

Remember that the nickname should be short, clear and sonorous. Do not use the names of races or peoples, as well as human names. This is unethical on your part.

Initial training

A little puppy can overcome only the most common initial training. Raising a puppy, do not be zealous and do not achieve perfection in the execution of commands. Remember, this is a baby. Your gestures should be clear and understandable. Let's command loudly and clearly, no doubt in the tone of voice. Serve them equally. For example, you can not say "sit!" Once, and another time - "sit down!". And do not say much - this is not a conversation, not persuasion, but teams, as in the army.

And what if the puppy is tired of training? Do not think that you failed to raise it. In this case, always pursue the fulfillment of your team. Use the method of coercion. Its shape depends on the puppy's age. What is it for? This will help you to avoid problems associated with obedience in the future. Who would like: torn expensive shoes or gnawed leg of an oak chair.Or maybe nothing that the dog will sit with you at the table? Getting used to not performing forbidden commands, the puppy will take advantage of your gentleness at every opportunity.

If there are other animals in the house, how to be in such a case? Teach your puppy to calmly respond to other pets. Stop any aggression. If a cunning puppy does not touch anyone in front of you, and at other time is used to attack? Put on a strict collar and tie a long leash. Hide yourself so that you are not visible, and watch the puppy. As soon as he rushes at one of the pets, tear the leash. Several such lessons, most often, discourage the attack on their "neighbors".

Let's talk about strangers. Do not allow children to tease puppy, especially if it is on a leash! Having freedom, the dog can get even with the abuser. Teach your puppy to treat children calmly and not to take food from them.

About extraneous delicacies should definitely talk. From 3 months you need to teach a puppy not to trust strangers. Make sure that he does not pick up the remnants of food from the ground while walking. Teach your puppy to take food only from your hands.You should not engage in circus and teach the dog to catch food in the air.


What do you think vaccinations have to do with raising a puppy? It is extremely important to take care of the health of your pet. After all, immunity inherited from the mother lasts only 5-6 weeks. Therefore, the first vaccinations given to the puppy at 1.5 months are necessary for him. About the procedure and planning of vaccinations will tell you in the veterinary hospital.

If we talk about the puppy's state of health during vaccinations, the puppy should be healthy. It is advisable to de-worminize. And please do not resort to questionable vaccines purchased on the market. Rely on veterinary specialists.

�So, remember a number of rules:

  • A dog is not a surprise gift.
  • A place for a dog is his inviolable zone.
  • Look at the puppy as an adult dog.
  • Do not keep a puppy on a leash.
  • Take him personal dishes, toys, comb, brush, leash, collar.
  • Purchase a first aid kit.

Now you know how to raise a puppy properly! Develop good habits in him so that he pleases you and everyone around you!


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