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How to receive a fax?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
October 13, 2014
How to receive a fax?

Almost every office has a fax today, but many workers are somehow wary of this unit, not really knowing how to operate it. In this article we will talk about how to receive a fax correctly, and get rid of all fears.

So, in your office there is a telephone-fax, they can just call on it, or they can send a fax. If you picked up the phone of such a device, and there is silence or a beep, it means that someone is trying to send you a fax. Your actions:

  1. Make sure there is paper in the fax, otherwise replenish stocks quickly.
  2. Click the "Start" button, it may be called somehow differently - depending on the fax model, but you will immediately recognize it. The button responsible for reception is usually the largest.
  3. Now the device will ask you to hang up, but it is better not to do it. Nothing terrible will happen, but after the reception is completed, you will be able to inform the sender that his message has been received. If you hang up, the person will have to call back and find out about the success of his business.
  4. The time of receiving a fax with a good connection is no more than 30 seconds, although, of course, if the fax is multi-page, reception may take a longer time.
  5. All! It remains only to pick up the paper sent.

This scheme also works with an automatic call, and if an employee calls you and asks to receive a fax. If possible, it is better to immediately clarify how many pages there will be - so you immediately load the required amount of paper and you will no longer be distracted by it.


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