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How to recharge your phone?

Mobile communication in our time is simply necessary, so it is important that the balance on the phone is always positive. There are several ways to replenish a mobile phone account, and we will consider them now.

Payment terminal

Using the terminal, you can easily and quickly replenish the balance of the phone. How to do it? All terminals operate in a similar pattern. You need to select the option to pay for cellular or mobile communication, then your carrier and your region, and then enter a 10-digit number (the eight will already be registered). In some terminals, you do not need to select an operator and region, but you can immediately enter a phone number. After that you will need to check the correctness of the entered number, confirm it or correct it in case of an error. Then you will need to insert the bill into the bill acceptor, when it is accepted, the entered amount will be displayed on the screen. It will be necessary to click on the "Pay" button. After that, the terminal will process your request and issue a payment receipt. Keep it until the money comes to the account of the phone, as in case of problems with payment, it will help to return the money or complete the payment.

It is possible to replenish the phone in this way quickly, but this method has its disadvantages:

  • A large enough commission, on average, it is about 8% of the amount paid, maybe a little more or a little less. So, for example, sending to the account 100 rubles through the terminal, you will receive 90-95 rubles.
  • The terminal may not accept very crumpled or torn bills, it will “spit out” them back, so for payment through the terminal it is better to use even, full and clear bills.

The advantage of this method is that, without having at hand the Internet or a bank card, you can quickly deposit money into your account if it is urgently required.

Bank card

You can replenish the phone with a bank card - at the moment it is one of the most convenient and popular options for depositing an account. You need to insert the card into the ATM, select the option to pay for mobile communication, then enter the phone number (also 10-digit), then enter the desired amount to pay in rubles and click "Pay". You will receive a payment receipt, which is also worth saving until the funds are credited to the account. This method has two distinct advantages over the previous one:

  • No commission - what amount to pay for enter, and get such a penny less.
  • You can deposit a non-multiple of ten on the account, for example, 53, 108 or 206 rubles.

Also, some banks practice payment services of mobile communication without direct use of an ATM and a card. For example, Sberbank has a Sberbank Online website (https://online.sberbank.ru/CSAFront/index.do). Logging into your personal account, the user can select the mobile account replenishment function, then select his bank card (if there are several) and enter the amount he wants to transfer to the account. The entire payment process takes place only through Sberbank Online. The money will soon be debited from the card and come to the account, the user will be notified by SMS. In addition, users of Sberbank Online have the opportunity to replenish their mobile accounts via free SMS. To do this, just send the desired amount as a number to the account to the number 900 (for example, if you want to replenish the balance by 200 rubles, enter 200 in the SMS and send it to the number 900). Money will be deducted from the card and will come to the account of the mobile instantly. But before using this service, you need to check through Sberbank Online that your mobile number is tied to the correct bank card.If you are a client of Sberbank, you can replenish the phone from the card or through Sberbank Online as indicated here. If you are a customer of another bank, you can explore its website or call the bank and learn about the possibilities of replenishing a mobile account.

Other recharge options

  • You can refill the phone of another person through your phone. Almost all major operators already have a service to replenish the balance of another subscriber. The general scheme is this: you need to dial a certain command on your phone, where you will need to specify the number of the subscriber to whom you transfer money, and the amount. Each operator has his own conditions, so you can find out the details on the site of his operator.
  • You can use the Internet services: QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex.Money.

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