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How to record a conversation in Skype?

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How to record a conversation in Skype?

Now Skype is not only a popular program for communication, but also a tool for a business person. And it often happens that during a conversation you need to record a call. This can be done using a conventional voice recorder, but in this case the quality of the recording will leave much to be desired. It will not be possible to record video. For these cases, special programs were created that are able to record calls to Skype.

In our article we will look at several such programs and answer the question of how to record a conversation in Skype.

Record conversation in Skype

At the moment there are many different programs that are able to record calls in the program Skype. One of these programs is Call Graph.

This program can record a call automatically. That is, the user does not need to turn it on for recording. The program records in mp3 format. Note that this program is absolutely free.You can download it on the site.

Upon completion of the installation, the program will ask you to connect to Skype. After that you can use it. It should also be noted that the program automatically converts files from wav format to mp3.

The latest version of the program allows you to send files to the dropbox.

Mp3 skype recorder

This program also records Skype conversations automatically. You can download it c. A distinctive feature of this program is the relatively small size of the installation file, which is only 2.4 megabytes. The user can configure the program so that it records the conversation in Skype with the highest bit rate. Also, the user can assign an automatic launch of the program during a call. You can adjust the mode, select stereo or mono. The program itself is recorded by pressing the rec button.

IFree skype recorder

This free program is one of the most popular programs for recording conversations in Skype. This is due to its very large functionality. You can download it.Skype

The program itself is an intuitive interface. Call recording is carried out with the help of several buttons.In this case, the user can configure the program so that it automatically starts with the start of the operating system. Also, this program allows you to customize the bit rate, audio sample rate, voice response with user recording, choose mono or stereo mode. The program records audio files in mp3 format.

Recording conversations and videos

There are programs that allow you to record both calls and video in Skype. One of these programs is the Free video call recorder. This program supports the Russian language and is absolutely free. You can download it, for example.

  1. In order to install the program, you just need to run the exe file. Note that this program, in accordance with the law, automatically notifies your interlocutors thatSkypeyou are recording a call.
  2. After installation, select Russian, the program will automatically translate the entire interface. The program also allows you to manage recording settings using options.
  3. Recording a call using the program can be carried out both automatically and manually.In order to record calls in manual mode, you just need to change the settings in the Options menu. Subsequently, the user will simply need to press the rec button to record calls to Skype.

Screen camera

Another type of video call recording Skype or other similar applications is the so-called screen camera. A representative of these applications is the screencam program. You can download it.

SkypeThe program has a very simple interface. After the installation is completed, you will only need to open the window and press the record button, then the program will automatically start recording your actions that occur on the monitor screen. Thus, you can record not only conversations in Skype, but all the manipulations done. After you finish recording, the program will offer you editing in a special video editor. Upon completion of editing, the program will save the record in the specified folder.

Beware of malware

It is worth noting that such programs that offer recording of calls on Skype may be harmful. Usually such programs have the word "Spy" in their names.These are the so-called spyware that record calls in secret. Often, these programs are used by hackers to obtain secret data. Such a program is installed on the victim's computer, after which it is disguised and secretly records the call.

Thus, the hacker will be able to find out valuable information, such as passwords and names, account numbers, and more.

In this regard, it is necessary when installing such programs to pay attention to the message that they are requesting access to the operating system of your computer. Also pay attention to the signals of your antivirus. As a rule, the antivirus does not respond to such programs, since they are inherently not malicious. If the antivirus responded to such a program, then it should be removed immediately.

All the programs described above are absolutely free, and also have localization. And most importantly - they are absolutely safe for your computer.


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