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How to refuse vaccinations?

On September 17, 1998, Russia adopted Law No. 157-ФЗ in accordance with which parents have the right to refuse vaccinations of their children. This right is prescribed in sections 5 and 11 of this law. Often people do not know how to refuse vaccinations. Consider how this can be done.

Refusal of vaccinations in the hospital

In order to refuse vaccinations in the maternity hospital, it is necessary to write a disclaimer in two copies. One copy remains in the maternity hospital, and you must keep the second one registered. The application form can be viewed on vAdekvate.com, where you will see a sample of the refusal of vaccinations, which can be printed and filled out. But very often there are situations when vaccinations are given to children at the maternity hospital without first coordinating their actions with their parents. As a rule, this happens due to the fact that people do not know about the existence of this law. And this is very bad, because every literate person should know not only his duties, but also his rights. On the above site, in the section about the maternity hospital, you can find out not only about such a right as refusal of vaccinations in the maternity hospital, but also to get a lot of other useful information for yourself.

Refusal of vaccinations in kindergarten

For kindergarten, you should be issued a certificate at a clinic in your place of residence. On vAdekvate.com you will also find useful information on what to do in case of unforeseen situations. Knowing your rights in accordance with applicable law, you will receive all the necessary documents without any hassle. When your child is in kindergarten, you have the right to refuse vaccinations. For yourself, you have to justify this refusal, maybe it is not worth it. But if you definitely decided not to vaccinate your child, print out the form from the same site and fill it in with one copy of the pre-school administration, and keep the second one for yourself. Do not forget to register applications. Your application must have the incoming document number and the date of the day the document was filed.

Refusal of vaccinations at school

If there is a need to refuse vaccinations in school, you must act in the same way. Go, where the vaccination refusal form is presented, print out the application form and submit the completed form to the school administration, after registering the document

Application Policy

During registration, applications for it should be:

  • date of registration
  • company stamp of the organization in which it is registered
  • surname, name, patronymic and signature of the person registering your document

If you want to send documents by mail, it is recommended to send it by a valuable letter with a mandatory list of all documents attached to it. Check the spelling of the address and the name of the organization. In the documents that you decide to send by mail, be sure to put your signature and date, otherwise it will not be considered.

People often ask if vaccinations are allowed to be given to people who are required by law to be vaccinated. Obligatory vaccination in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, No. 825 of July 15, 1999, are subject to kindergarten and school teachers, teachers, and some medical workers. There are professions whose employees have the right not to be vaccinated, but they do so due to lack of knowledge of the law. There are guidelines (MU 3.31.1095-02 dated January 9, 2002), which contain a list of contraindications for which no vaccination is given. Therefore, the laws need to know and be able to use them.This will allow you to protect your rights and the rights of your child. We wish you and your children good health!


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