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How to register a marriage?

Today, an increasing number of young couples prefer a civil marriage. Therefore, the desire to formalize your marriage is very commendable. This indicates a serious relationship of the couple to issues of family and marriage. Different states have different laws governing such registration. Today we will review the laws governing the registration of marriage throughout the Russian Federation.

How to register a marriage in the Russian Federation? According to Article 11 of the Civil Code, applications for marriage can be accepted only with the personal presence of everyone who is about to enter into marriage. In addition, a period of one month is obligatory, during which you can consider your decision and, if necessary, withdraw the application. This trial period is a prerequisite for those who are about to marry. And only in exceptional circumstances, it is possible to speed up the process of accepting applications and registering a marriage.

Marriage registration in Russia is possible only in the registration authorities or the registry office. Any other registration method is not valid and has no legal effect. It turns out that if the young decide to get married in the church, without registration of the application in the registry office their marriage will not have the power.

It may also be asked where to register the marriage if one of the applicants is a foreigner? In this case, the marriage is not in the local registry office, and in the regional or central city, if you live in the regional center. Both a foreign citizen and citizens of the Russian Federation must provide a set of documents that will make registration possible:

  • passport. In the case of a foreign citizen in the passport should be a note about legal residence in Russia.
  • Application for registration of marriage.
  • If earlier one or both applicants were married, it is necessary to submit documents confirming that the previous marriage was dissolved.
  • Foreign citizens must submit documents proving that they are not married at the moment. The document must be provided by the authority registering marriages in the country of which it is a citizen.
  • Translation of all documents into the state language, confirmed by a notary.

And what if the circumstances do not allow to wait a month before the wedding? How to quickly register a marriage? Indeed, the civil code allows speeding up the registration process if there are valid documented reasons. Can take into account the following:

  • pregnancy;
  • the threat to the life of one of the parties;
  • departure of one of the parties to the place of the fixed-term service.

These reasons may be considered and a specific decision may be made upon your request. I would like to note that the registration authorities are not obliged to satisfy the request to shorten the registration period. They have the full right to refuse a faster registration at their discretion.

It is also possible departure of a civil registrar to the place of marriage. For example, persons who are serving time in correctional institutions can also register their marriage in the premises designated by the head of the correctional institution. In such cases, the civil registrar leaves the place of registration.

As you can see, it is not difficult to register a marriage in Russia, the main thing is to have a desire to create a strong family.


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