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How to register in SAMP?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 19, 2015
How to register in SAMP?

SAMP is a fairly popular game that draws dozens of new users every day, so many people are interested in how to register in SAMP. The procedure is quite simple and takes several minutes.

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  1. In order to properly register in the SAMP, it is necessary.
  2. After the SAMP client is installed, you should register. Run the SAMP client, on the top panel in the field “Name” you must enter your name, which will be the nickname in the game.
  3. Next, select the tab “Favorite” - “Add”, in the window that opens, enter the number of the server on which you want to play. This will add the SAMP client to the server. Clicking "OK", you will add the server to the list of clients.
  4. Select the server and click the “Play” button on the top toolbar.
  5. Next, go to register a player on the server. Going to the server, enter your nickname (login) and create a password. In case your nickname is busy, you need to register again.
  6. In order to start playing on the server, you must activate your account.Enter your email address, which will receive a letter with a confirmation or activation code. After that you can log in to the server.

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