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How to relieve nervous tension?

There is a statistic that says that every third person lives in nervous tension. This is especially true for residents of large cities. Many factors influence stress:

  • Traffic jams, a large crowd of people;
  • Inhalation of air that is practically contaminated everywhere;
  • Exposure to electromagnetic fields;
  • Wrong and unbalanced nutrition.

These are not all reasons, because there are many different factors, even the most imperceptible. The impact of these factors on the human body occurs daily, so do not ignore it.


To find ways to fight, you need to understand how nervous tension manifests itself. Symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • loss of energy and activity;
  • poor sleep;
  • feeling awkward;
  • Frequent irritation:
  • lack of desire to communicate in society.

It is assumed that women are more prone to stress than men. As a result, the manifestation of symptoms of nervous tension in them is more vivid. This is not entirely true: women are more emotional in nature,and men from childhood are taught not to show weakness, as well as excessive emotions.

Ways to deal with nervous tension

How to get rid of nervous tension? There are various ways to solve this problem:

  • Visualization. This method helps many: imagine yourself where you will be fine. It does not matter where this place will be: the sea, the green forest or the mountains, a beautiful waterfall or a lake. Women love to present themselves at a beautiful ball, in the most sophisticated dress. Try different options, because in this matter the main thing is that you like everything. With this type of action, your mind switches from one to another and immediately relieves tension. The contrast between bad and good is the main key to solving the problem.
  • Recreation. Neuro-emotional stress best goes after a pleasant pastime. Take a break from work: go to nature for a few days, go to the theater, organize a meeting with friends. Do not let anyone disturb your plan for a great vacation on these beautiful days. When you come home after work, do not immediately start doing household chores - relax.When you learn to rest from worries, the constant nervous tension will simply disappear.
  • Hiking Do not grasp the pills that help remove stress. An ordinary walk helps to calm down and improve overall well-being. When you walk, your brain activates all the impulses and parts of the brain that are responsible for your mood, so the nervousness goes away. Walking is necessary with ease and freedom, calm step. Walking must last at least 15 minutes. Of course, do not let thoughts of work, problems and various incidents.
  • Smile and laugh. When you smile and laugh even in a bad mood, strong nervous tension becomes impossible. Everyone heard about it, but sometimes he could not train for a long time to do this. After all, how can you smile if problems are piled on and your heart becomes restless? The muscles of your face reason differently: they send impulses to the brain, where different types of chemical reactions take place that lead to an improvement in the mood of any person. A similar pattern happens with your laugh: laugh when they hear the bad news.It will sound strange, but think about it: if you succumb to bad influence and get upset, will it be better? Relieving nervous tension with opposing emotions helps to remove the bad effects of stress on your emotional state. So life becomes calmer and happier. By the way, watching comedies a couple of times a week is an aid in the ability to smile at any moment.
  • Massage. Look at such pleasant procedures or ask your loved one to give you a massage with essential oils, with relaxing music. Such a rest of the body and the emotional background immediately provides an opportunity to forget about all the stresses and problems of the day. Do not forget to make a massage and your second half - so you will not leave a trace of their tension.

Interesting advice on how to relieve nervous tension, give American psychologists: if you are not in the mood for walks, massage and smiles, you should eat a small piece of hot pepper (if health allows). Apathy immediately passes, and energy is added to the body. Scientists have shown that hot peppers raise the level of endorphins, which helps to perceive everything around is much easier.Smile, create yourself a positive mood and love yourself - it will always help to enjoy life!


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