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How to remove protection from the phone?

Phone protection (locks, passwords) is designed to prevent the loss of very important information as a result of the loss of a mobile phone or theft. There are several types of locks: phone lock, factory lock for the operator and SIM card lock. Phone when locking the SIM card remains working. This type of blocking can occur when you have entered the wrong pin code.

The phone lock under the operator is used to complicate the possibility of switching to another operator and for securing customers. How to remove protection from the phone, you can ask. We answer.

Guide to action

So, to unlock the phone, you must follow these recommendations:

  • use pin code or pak code to unlock. The pin code is designed to protect important phone data in the event that it was stolen or lost. If you have forgotten the PIN code, then it can be found on the package from under the SIM card. There are only 3 attempts to enter a PIN code. In the opposite case, you will need to enter the packcode.A packcode must be used if the number of attempts to enter a pincode has been exhausted. Pack-code is also on the package from the SIM card. After entering the packcode, you will need to enter your new pincode. But if you have lost the package from the SIM card, then you need to contact the operator's office to replace the SIM card. As a result, you will be given a duplicate SIM card, and you can make calls;
  • contact the phone manufacturer for an unlock code. This code can unlock the phone and reset all passwords, but can also erase all phone data;
  • use firmware. That is, update the firmware, which is responsible for the functioning of the phone. To do this, you must: synchronize the phone with a computer, install drivers, software and connect the phone to a computer. All the necessary software can be found on the website of the phone manufacturer. But you need to use only the software for which there is a detailed instruction. It is necessary to use a search engine in order to find the factory firmware for your phone model. But keep in mind that flashing will erase all phone data.
  • contact a service or warranty center. But if you contact the service center for flashing the phone, then you risk losing the warranty on your phone. Therefore, you need to contact the warranty and authorized center of the manufacturer of your phone. Do not forget to bring documents on your phone, passport, telephone box and cashier's check.
  • After it was possible to remove the protections, select the item in the phone menu: settings - security - phone lock. And turn off the lock.

Now you more or less know how to remove the protection from the phone. And if you have a Nokia brand phone and you forgot the phone access code, you can install the program Mbro USB Nokia Tools Lite. And the way to remove protection from the phone through this program will be the easiest and simplest in this business.


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