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How to remove spam from the desktop

You will need
  • - a computer.
Restart your computer in safe mode to cleanspamfromworkerof the tableTo do this, before booting the OS, press F8, from the options, select safe. Click the Start button, select the Run command, type Msconfig, click OK, a window will appear, select the Auto Start option in it, look for a program with a suspicious name in the list and uncheck the box. Click "Apply" and restart your computer.
Download and install the program Process Explorer (soft.softodrom.ru/ap/Process-Explorer), add the program shortcut to autoload if the previous method did not help get rid ofspamand on the desktop.
Reboot in normal mode, click on the Process Explorer tab in the taskbar, click on the "Move" command and place it on the screen where you can see it, select the Options menu, select the Always on Top option. Now the program window is on top of the window withspamohmIn the program window, click the Findo Window's process command and point with the cursor on the window withspamohm The program will indicate the name of the process. Hover over it and rewrite yourself the path to the file that is the source of the process.
Right-click the process and select kill process Tree. Next, go to the source folder and delete all the files from there, empty the recycle bin to permanently clear the desktop fromspama.
Go to the registry editor, to do this, select Run in the main menu, enter Regedit in the window, click OK. Perform a search using the command Ctrl + F8, enter the process name in the search field and delete all the values ​​found.
Download from the sitehttp://www.freedrweb.com/cureit/?lng=encureit, restart your computer in safe mode, run this utility and perform a full system scan, remove all viruses found.

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