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How to remove the stove at 2114?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
April 30, 2015
How to remove the stove at 2114?

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How to remove the stove at 2114?

Many motorists may encounter the problem of a radiator furnace breakdown: blowing cold air, the furnace does not turn on. In this regard, many are wondering how to remove the stove in 2114 for repair or replacement. We suggest using this instruction, which will help to remove the stove.

Remove the oven

Before proceeding with the removal of the stove, you must:

  1. Prepare the tool. Best in this case fit short screwdrivers.
  2. Protect your hands from cuts and scratches: everything must be done with gloves and long sleeves.
  3. Drain coolant. To do this, open the lid of the expansion tank, wrapping the hose in place of the plug in the engine.

Basic actions

  1. Disconnect the side panels and glove box, the most important thing - unscrew all the fasteners. Also do not forget about the side mounts and those that are located on the floor.
  2. Next, unscrew the screws that hold the cables on the right and left sides.
  3. After all fasteners are removed, you can pull the panel.If everything is in order, it should go forward smoothly. If you can not unplug it, then you need to check whether all fasteners removed.
  4. Disconnect the radiator hose clamps. Attention! An antifreeze may leak during operation, so prepare a container for this. It is worth noting that the coolant can be quite a lot in the stove itself, so you must also stock up on the capacity in which you will collect all the liquid.
  5. Now you can remove the radiator. Since it is necessary to raise the panel, it is best to call a partner, because without it it will be difficult to do it.

After removing the old stove VAZ-2114, you can replace it with a new one by doing everything according to the instructions in the reverse order.


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