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How to repair a heel

How to repair a heelHow to repair a heel

To repair your shoes yourself, you need some skills and a little free time. With the simplest tools, you can replace the taps and carry out other repairs to your shoes.


To repair a heel you need:

- rubber or polyurethane;
- knife;
- scissors;
- rasp;
- file;
- special glue;
- nails;
- screwdriver;
- spray paint.


Indeed, the most frequent breakage of the heel is the loss of a heel. For self-repair heels you need to stock up railing materials. Polyurethane technical is considered to be the most durable. It has a smooth and slightly rough surface. Then comes polyurethane shoe, it always has notches. And in third place - tires.


For a large hollow heel, take a medium-hard padded material, 4-7 cm thick. Put a heel on this workpiece. Circle with a pencil, leave a little margin of up to 5 mm.


Heels that are erased obliquely, you must first correct.To level them, take a rasp and gently trim. Make sure that the heels match each other.


If an old seal is left on one of the heels, then remove it by hooking it with a screwdriver. Strip the new sandpaper. If the heel is large and hollow inside, then fill it with a wooden stopper so that when walking it will not bend, if the naboyechny material is soft.


Pick the desired length of the nails. To do this, measure the depth of the channel and the thickness of the taps. If the nail is longer, it can split the heel. The thickness of the nail should be about 2 mm.


Lubricate the heels and the surface of the heel with a special glue, let it dry and apply another layer. Soak again, then heat it a little over the gas stove and press it firmly against the heel. Align and nail carefully. Make sure there are no gaps left.


Cut off the remnants of the heel with a knife and process the file. It is better to let the repaired shoes stand for a day, then wear and wear. Now you know how to repair a heel yourself.


Painted paint on the heel can still tint.Wash well with dish detergent to degrease the surface, carefully dry. Next, take the aerosol paint in the can and from a distance of 20 cm gently spray the paint on the heel. Please note that this method is suitable only for plastic heels.


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