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How to revenge a man?

If someone has offended you, almost always want revenge. There are a huge number of ways to revenge, you only need to choose the appropriate for a particular case. Of course, revenge is bad, but sometimes it is the only way to calm your self-esteem. Below are several ways to take revenge on the abuser.

How can you revenge a person with magic?

You can avenge the enemy with the help of magic. It is enough to make a doll (volt), and then do anything with it. For its manufacture will require the following materials:

  • straw or sintepon;
  • the cloth;
  • threads;
  • hair, nails of the victim.

Take a cloth and straw and make a doll out of them. It is desirable that she looked like an enemy. For this you need to add the doll distinctive signs of a person. For example, moles, warts, eye color, hair, and more. After the volt is done, you must put the hair, the nails of the enemy inside. You should also baptize the doll by its name.

After that, you can start manipulating the doll. You can pierce any part of the body with needles, pour boiling water over the volt, gouge out his eyes, cut off his arms and legs. A person will feel pain.However, you will have to pay for such actions, as this ritual belongs to black magic and does not pass without a trace.

How to get revenge: minor mischief

Reflecting on how you can get revenge on a person, you should do him little mischief. Let gossip about him. If this is a man, then we can say that he constantly changes his spouse or is weak in the male part. More ways to revenge you will find in our articles - How to take revenge on a guy and How to take revenge on a man.

If the enemy is a woman, then it is possible to say in confidence that she is engaged in black magic, moonlighting in a strip club, has many lovers at the same time and so on. As minor dirty tricks, you can choose various tricks. For example, you can meet her on the social network and call for a date, on which no one will come.

Remember, almost every woman loves sweets, but because it has a lot of calories that harm the figure. You are required more often to send her sweets, from which she simply can not resist, and you, in turn, will observe how the enemy does not fit in a dress. If you need to take revenge on your former sweetheart, our article “How to take revenge on the former” will be helpful.

Surely you know where your enemy lives. You can easily smear his door with shit and other unpleasant-smelling substances, as long as no one of your neighbors sees you.

Sophisticated ways to revenge

If all of the above seems to you childish prattle, you can resort to more sophisticated methods of revenge. For example, you can take revenge on the offender, hiring people who beat him well. Just need to remember that the enemy can write a statement to the police, and a high probability that you will be calculated. In this case, criminal liability can not be avoided. To revenge, without breaking the law, our article will help - How to revenge the offender.

If you have a loved one changed and you are eager for revenge, you can make him feel like a nonentity. Invite to the meeting of his friend or girlfriend, flirt, make a compliment to the interlocutor. The main thing is that all this comes to the ears of a traitor. You can also come to the party and make compliments to his friend or girlfriend in the presence of him, then he will definitely feel his inferiority.


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