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How to sell a car quickly and without risk?

Hello everybody! Who recently sold the car? Share the secrets of a quick search for buyers. Where did you post ads? How not to get a scammer? Maybe in Nizhny Novgorod there are some agencies or people like brokers who can be contacted?
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Answered on June 25, 13:22
My experience is probably not very revealing, because I was selling the car to a person who was recommended by my brother. We just issued a general power of attorney at the notary, did not do anything else. About the fraud did not even think.
Answered 25 June 13:36
As for newspaper ads, I can’t say anything - I haven’t tried it, but on the online bulletin boards it’s quite possible to meet your buyer. Not always prompt, true, but still. And on some resources there is a secure transaction service that protects against fraudsters. But if you need to resolve the issue quickly - it may be really worth contacting a company that deals with buying a car.Here, for example, in Nizhny Novgorod firm
Answered on June 25 13:41
I don’t know how in Nizhny Novgorod, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are pawnshops - a good alternative for those who need to quickly get money for a car. Googling, maybe in your city there.

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