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How to sell faster?

So, you need to quickly get a lot of money. What to do: take a loan from a bank? But banks give loans to far from everyone, especially for a large amount. Exit: sale of real estate or car. We will discuss each of these cases in this article, and you will learn how to sell a car or apartment faster. And not only faster, but also more profitable.

How to sell fast apartment

Many people think that real estate can be sold either quickly or profitably. However, under certain conditions, it is possible to achieve an acceptable result. What are these conditions? First of all, you need to bear in mind that self-selling an apartment will take more time, because, firstly, it is more difficult to find a buyer, and secondly, there will be difficulties in preparing documents. Conclusion: you need to contact the real estate agency.

We sell through the agency

It would seem that the percentage of the agency pay unprofitable. But practice shows that selling real estate through an agency is the most acceptable option if you want to sell an apartment quickly and not for nothing.The fact is that realtors themselves are interested in quickly finding a buyer and offering him your apartment as expensive as possible, because their percentage also depends on it. In addition, it is safe to sell through an agency, and you will be free from the paperwork that usually accompanies the process of selling real estate if you carry it out yourself.

We put the right price

Also, the search for a buyer will be faster, the more honestly you yourself will evaluate your real estate. It is clear that the low price is unprofitable for you, but overpricing will scare away most potential buyers, because those who want to buy an apartment are perfectly familiar with average market prices. Here it is appropriate to give the following statistics: the low price for an apartment allows you to sell it in 2 weeks, the fair price - in a month, but the high price - at least 3-6 months, so don�t wait for quick money.

We carry out pre-sales training

In addition, it is very important pre-sale preparation of the apartment. It includes the elimination of odors, cleaning the apartment from various trash and rubbish. Do not forget to also carry out a reasonable arrangement of furniture in the rooms so that there is enough free space.If there is an opportunity, it is worth putting in order and the entrance, or at least the staircase on the floor where your apartment is located.

Choose the right time

And one more little trick: invite buyers to inspect at the most favorable time. For example, in the morning, the sun shines through the windows: then wait for the evening to be examined. The same applies to the view from the window: the worse it is, the darker it is desirable to choose. And, of course, take into account seasonal demand for real estate and do not forget to solve all legal problems with an apartment, if any, (privatization, the presence of other tenants, etc.) before selling. The implementation of the above recommendations will help to get the maximum amount for your apartment.

How to quickly sell a car

With the car, at first glance, the problems with the sale should be less than with the apartment. However, there is also a dilemma here: sell quickly or expensively. Is it possible to sell both quickly and expensively? Let's just say: you can always try to do it. And the first step here: to abandon the services of intermediaries (car dealerships, pawnshops, etc.). Further, we note that, as in the case of real estate, here it is impossible to underestimate the price, but for a different reason.

Do not sell cheap

The fact is that if you put a low price, then in the end you will have to sell even cheaper: attracted by a low price, the dealers of all kinds will start to find out who will start to find various defects in your car. Conclusion: do not put the price lower than others, in order to immediately get rid of communication with this category of citizens. Otherwise, then you will observe a very unpleasant picture: your car is sold, but at a price that is significantly higher than the one that was offered for it to you.

But what about those who want to buy a car for themselves? Why they are not attracted to low price? The fact is that such people for the most part argue like this: aha, set the price lower, it means there are some defects, it means a big run. It will never occur to them that the price is reduced in order to sell as quickly as possible. Therefore, put the price, like everyone else, and in addition, take into account the following "little tricks."

Year of manufacture or year of operation

Instead of "Year of release" (G.V.), put "Year of operation" (GE). The car will be young for a whole year, and if the buyer asks what kind of strange letters these are - the GoE, answer that the car was released, say, at the end of 2010, and it was framed at the beginning of 2011, therefore, they started to ride it exactly in 2011. Therefore, the GW is 2010, and the ET (which we indicate) is 2011.And most often you will not be asked about this, and the price can be increased substantially.

Presale preparation

Perform a pre-sale preparation: fill up all the dents and scratches, polish the body, clean the interior, tidy up the windows and headlights, sort out the engine to reduce noise. If the car looks like new, then the price can be put already an order of magnitude higher. Remember that the buyer wants to get the perfect car for any price. This is the psychology: it is not so important for people, is this a new machine, in fact, the main thing is that it looks like a new one.

Maximum information

And the last thing: make an advertisement correctly. Do you know how people choose cars? Yes, just ignore those ads that have little information. They are interested in everything, not just mileage, color, year of manufacture, type of drive, engine size and type of gearbox. And to call and clarify what is included in the package ... why, if the owner was even too lazy to make an ad correctly? Buyers are also too lazy to clarify, and often simply no time.

Therefore, provide maximum information in order to attract as many buyers as possible.This is the number of owners, and even such seemingly trifles as the presence of fog lights, air conditioning, electric windows, audio, an additional set of rubber, etc. In a word, specify everything that is possible, and then you will not have to search for a buyer for a long time.


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