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How to send a beacon with MTS?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 15, 2012
How to send a beacon with MTS?

From time to time, each of us gets into such an unpleasant situation: we urgently need to call, dial the number - and the melodious female voice tells us that the amount on the account is insufficient to make a call.

MTS, having entered the position of its customers, and especially for such situations, force majeure invented the service “Call me back”. This is a free SMS message that can be sent to the subscriber. The text of this message is always standard: "Please call me back to my number: + 7911ХХХХХХХ", where ХХХХХХХ is your phone number.

In the people, this function is called “beacon” for short. How to send a beacon with MTS?

In order to send a free message, you need to know the number of your subscriber to whom you want to send it, and the code - 110.

So, press the asterisk (*), then the code (110), now again the asterisk (*), and then enter the phone number. You can enter as you like - starting with +7, starting with 8, just from the operator code. This is what you should end up with: * 110 * 911XXXXXXX # After that, press the call key - and that's it, the message has been sent!


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