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How to set up email?

Every Internet user needs to know how to set up email. We can say that this process is comparable to the setting of the newly purchased computer, because it is performed only once.

Using the Windows Mail program, you can configure Internet mail and use it all the time.

Start setting

Before you start working with the program, you must have in front of you certain information that is required during installation. For example, it is important to know the name of the Internet mail address and its password, it is also necessary to choose the type of server for Internet mail, and finally, to know the server addresses for outgoing and incoming services that are used by the company of your mailbox.

From the first moment is quite simple, since most users know the login and password of their Internet mail. And what about the types of servers?

Varieties and server addresses

To set up e-mail on your computer, you need to know which Windows Mail program can support.There are three of them:

  1. SMTP - used for outgoing services, thanks to him you can send messages over the Internet. It is combined with other servers.
  2. IMAP - allows you to work with messages that come to e-mail without first downloading them to your computer. Immediately on the server, you can not only watch the messages, but also organize and delete them.
  3. POP3 - this type of server is provided for incoming mail, it is usually used for a personal account, and not for business. All sent messages are saved on the server until the recipient has viewed them, and only then they are transferred to the computer.

With the type figured out, but it is also important to know the address of each of the servers. Whichever service provider you use, server addresses often have a similar format. To find out, you can contact your service provider for information or simply write the name of the provider. If you use mailboxes from yandex, gmail or mail, then the server address information can be placed on the website in the help section.

Mail setup

When all the necessary information is ready, you can configure the Windows Mail program.

To configure the mail account click "Start" and in all programs, select "Windows Mail". In it you will see a menu called �Service�, in which you need to select �Accounts� and click on the �Add� button. Selecting the section "Email Account", click on the "Next" button and follow the further instructions.

In order for the recipient to know who sent the message to him, it is important to set up a signature in the settings of the Internet mail server. It is possible to specify your first name, surname and various contact details.


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