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How to sew a button?

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How to sew a button?

In order to properly sew a button, you need to decide what button you have chosen and want to sew on your clothes. So, let's start with the fact that there are different types of buttons: on the leg (or they are also called with an eyelet), flat with two and four holes.

All buttons differ in shape, size and color. For each type of clothing, special buttons are selected that are intended for dresses, shirts, trousers, coats, children's clothing, and underwear. Buttons are made from a variety of materials. This may be plastic, wood, bone, iron.

How to sew a button

There are some simple rules that need to be guided in order to properly sew a button.

  • Buttons are sewn tightly to thin fabric.
  • If the fabric is thick, then you need to sew buttons freely, it is customary to leave the distance between the fabric and the thread in the thickness of the match, so that they are easy to fasten. To keep the button well, after the button is sewn, do not tear off the thread at once, but wind it around the resulting leg of threads between the button and the fabric.
  • Sewing on buttons, choose the thread to the color of the buttons.

Ways of sewing buttons

Each button can be sewn in different ways, but the exception is only those buttons that are not flat, but with an eyelet. It is very easy to sew such buttons.ButtonWe do it like this:

  • We double the thread, thread it into a needle, tie a knot at the end of the thread and start a needle on the front of the clothes, pierce the product and make several stitches to secure the thread
  • We attach the button and make 3-4 stitches through the button leg. For such buttons do not need to make legs from the thread.

The most beautiful and diverse ways to sew buttons with four through holes. Now we list the names of the most popular and original ways.

  • cross to crossButton
  • bird foot,
  • square,
  • letter i,
  • letter P,
  • parallel lines
  • bow or infinity sign,
  • triangle.

To sew a button to the clothes, connect your imagination. If the style allows, you can use contrasting threads.

Buttons for special clothes

  • To sew a button to a fur coat, you need on the wrong side in placeButtonfastener buttons to sew a special button (button), which will strengthen the fur. This is a special button intended only for this purpose. She has two holes.
  • In order to properly sew a button to a light blouse that fastens in the chest, often try on with buttons that are not sewn yet, but only 1-2 stitches. When you find the right location, try to sew buttons not too tight, so that the fabric is not going to and did not create tension.

How to sew buttons for good luck

There is a huge amount of accept, superstition, beliefs that can bring good luck. So the button can become a kind of talisman that brings good luck. There is nothing wrong with this, because such seemingly trifles can make a person more self-confident. Now we will tell you how to sew a button for good luck. So, for good luck, it is customary to sew buttons on the wrong side so that they cannot be seen by strangers. Buttons for this case choose the most different, but the most beautiful, so that they like their owner. Button color everyone chooses his own. Bright colors are always associated with success. Some parents sew buttons, "spoken" to the clothes of their children for good luck and success in school.


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