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How to sew a pocket?

Pockets on clothes are very comfortable and sometimes even necessary. It is inconvenient to constantly “dive” into the bag for the constantly necessary trifles. Moreover, in the women's bag all the time what is needed at the moment is always at the bottom or in its secret corner. Of course, you should not sew on your own pocket to expensive and stylish clothes, it’s better to turn to a specialist in an atelier. And when it comes to home, working clothes, it is very easy to do it at home. Therefore, we consider how to sew a pocket and make it beautiful and functional.

Patch pocket

This is the simplest model. To learn how to sew a pocket pocket, does not require special courses and a lot of time. Its shape can be very different: square, triangular (beveled at an angle), round, figured (heart, semicircle, etc.). The size can also be very different as needed. For example, it is necessary to sew a larger pocket on the kitchen apron, about 20 by 20 cm. And the jacket in which you work in the garden may have a small pocket, but there should be several, for each tool separately.Before you start to sew a pocket, you need to pick up the fabric for it. It can be matched to the tone of the product, as well as a contrasting color. And if you also sew a contrasting edging or frill, it will be not only functional, but also beautiful. So, we picked up the fabric, cut out the pocket, adding 1 cm to the seams from each side to be sewn, and from the edge that the hand would touch 3 cm. Now it will process the edges on the overlock. We stretch the side-hole with a regular stitch, turning 3 cm. Then we take a thread with a needle and “bait” along all the remaining edges, having turned 1 cm. Then we apply the ready pocket to the product, precisely check its fixing point, pin it with 2-3 pins. It now remains to attach the pocket to the base. At the edges, we make a triple seam so that we don’t tear off the pocket on the same day.

Inside pocket

If you need an internal pocket on the pants, you can sew it in the side seam. We cut from the same fabric from which the pants are sewn, 2 details in the form of a droplet, cut one edge in a straight line so that this flat side is 15-20 cm. We pierce the side seam of the trousers, remove the threads. We sew the pocket blanks except for the straight side.We sew straight sections of the pocket to the fabric of the formed armhole in the pants. Carefully waste the resulting pocket from the front. You can also tell how to sew a zipper pocket. We sew in the same way as described above, only in the seam connecting the pockets and trousers, it is necessary to sew a zipper. It is necessary to buy for this special secret zipper for trousers. In it, the teeth are recessed into the fabric, so it is completely invisible on the product. It is sewn to the trousers with a special foot of the machine, half-cut. Such a pocket looks very impressive, things and documents will not fall out of it. The main thing is to remember that nothing heavy should be put in your pocket, so as not to spoil the appearance.

Pocket bag

For children, you can sew a pocket-handbag, which is hung on the neck. Two blanks, as in the patch pocket, you need to sew together, trim them with beautiful braid. The edges of the braid should be left long so that they can be beautifully knotted. If you sew a few of these pockets, then the young fashionista can change them depending on their mood.


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