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How to sew an awl?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
February 1, 2013
How to sew an awl?

Sewing something with your own hands, tinkering, fantasizing, creating - this is creativity. How much patience is needed to finish the job. And, as it is difficult to work with very thin fabrics, it is also not easy to sew coarse material. This may be leather, fur, cardboard, some types of boards. To work with them use the awl. But how to sew with an awl, we will teach you now.

The main methods of sewing with an awl

There are only two ways.

  • One of them is as primitive as the awl itself. In the skin, make holes with an awl at an equal distance from each other. And then sew the usual needle. Here the awl acts as an auxiliary tool. After all, an awl is a thick needle stuck into the handle. She has no ear where they thread the thread, but she is capable of much. But how to sew an awl?
  • The second method requires skills and work experience. You can learn, but it is better to start with less coarse materials in order to clarify the essence of sewing. Make a hole in the material and push the thread into it with the tip of the awl. So go on. This should be done carefully, so as not to damage the integrity of the thread.This method is called “grandfather's,” but still shoemakers, carpenters, carpenters, archive workers use it. Cause? Reliability and low cost!


If you are a fragile, gentle person who can hardly endure pain, it is better to immediately give up the desire to work with an awl. Since this method of sewing often does not pass without hand injuries. And there are cases when shoemakers injured and leg, by negligence. But, if you do decide, there is one rule how to sew with an awl safely and quickly.

The main thing is to be attentive and work in good light. For ease of sewing, so as not to “shaggy” the thread, place it in wax. And, if the awl hardly pierces the skin, it means that it should be sharpened well on the grinding stone. A well sharpened awl is the key to easy sewing


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