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How to sharpen knives bar

Knives - one of the most important elements in the kitchen. Without them, it is difficult to imagine the process of cooking. Sold many types of knives, differing in shape, purpose and material of manufacture. In the article, we will consider how to properly sharpen knives with a bar at home.

Ceramic knives - one of the highest quality when cutting products without bones. Ceramics are not subject to erasure, therefore does not lose quality of sharpening. Metal counterparts in time need additional sharpening. For this it is better to use abrasive bars. How to beginner to choose the right bar? How to sharpen and how to keep the knife sharp maximum for a long time? The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

Safety precautions and precautions

Photos of sharp knives

To ensure that the sharpening is carried out in a quality and safety manner, always take precautions.

Eye protection. During sharpening, metal is rubbed against a stone, which leads to chipping of the stone, when the smallest pieces of a grinding bar can fly off in different directions, including into the eyes. To protect the eyes from sharp fragments use construction glasses.

. It is not always convenient to hold sharpening bars of small size in your hand. While moving the knife, he can slip out and injure his hand. Moreover, during sharpening, metal particles are accumulated on the blade, which, if they enter the wound, can lead to infection. To avoid this situation, the knives sharpen with thick cloth gloves.

During operation, a plain paper mat is used to prevent scattering of metal chips on the floor.

Step plan sharpening

Sharp brand knife

First step.Wet the stone with water to wash away the dust and dirt that was on its surface. To improve the effect, some masters add a drop of detergent.

Second phase.Organize a workplace. Suitable cutting board or table. At this stage it is important to determine the angle of inclination of the stone in relation to itself. The optimal position is determined with experience. Then you need to determine the angle of sharpening - the larger the angle, the longer the knife is sharp, and the smaller - the sharper.

The third stage.Properly position the knife relative to the bar. Put the knife at a right angle to the bar, then smoothly and slowly, move from the handle to the corner of the blade.

Video instructions

During sharpening, burrs are formed on the blade surface. Take them off with musat. This is a long rod with a characteristic longitudinal incision, which removes the burrs.

How to keep the knife sharp as long as possible

  • It is recommended that you scrub the blade before and after each use in order to maintain sharpness for as long as possible.
  • Carefully, but gently wipe the knife dry after each sink.

Types of bars

The bars are divided into:

  1. Ceramic.
  2. Diamond
  3. Japanese water stones.
  4. Natural bars.

For more delicate work using abrasive paper.

How to choose a bar

Kitchen knife

In order for the sharpening process to bring the desired results, it is important to choose the right stone for the knife. The bars are marked with several letters and numbers, which determine the type of stone, the manufacturer, the grain size.

The grain size determines the amount of grinding the metal - with a high coefficient of graininess and a thin knife, the blade grinds out more than it grinds. The benefits of this work are few.

Pay attention to the color of the bar. Produce white, darker and gray shades. In the composition of light more natural components that act as an abrasive.The darker color speaks of various impurities that have a not so strong base, therefore, they are erased and showered more quickly.

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Even a novice will be able to sharpen a kitchen knife at home, provided they follow the recommendations. Properly selected bar and honed movements will help to extend the period of sharpness of the kitchen appliance for a long time.


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