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How was Spiderman filmed?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
May 8, 2015
How was Spiderman filmed?

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How was Spiderman filmed?

The series of films “Spiderman” is essentially an e-movie comic with a simple plot, but beautiful special effects. After watching the movie, I want to know how the directors filmed Spiderman. Often, filmmakers are trying to hide how movies are shot in order to stir up the interest of viewers.

Where and how did the film "Spiderman"

Kinotrilogiya directed by Sam Raimi was released in 2002. 10 years later, a new cycle of Superhero films was directed by director Mark Webb. "New Spider-Man" was filmed in the pavilions of Sony Pictures and just on the streets of New York.

The largest film set was the improvised laboratory Oscorp with an area of ​​1,300 square meters. m., the construction of which took 3 months. Many special effects were shot in the interiors of the Midtown School, built in one of the pavilions of the Sony studio.

If the first part was filmed on a digital 3D camera, then the second film was shot on a 35 mm widescreen film,which was then distilled into digital format for drawing visual effects.

In general, the second part involved less computer graphics. Painted heroes-villains "come to life." So, Paul Jamatti, who acted in the role of Rhino, had to wear a heavy metal vest for hours, on top of which computer graphics superimposed. And Jamie Fox was put on makeup for hours in order to turn him into an Electro battery man.

The costume of the protagonist is decorated with lenses made by a company that produces optics for the space industry and the military industry. The lenses are painted in blue, covered with an anti-reflective layer and decorated with a golden image of a hexagon.


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