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How to spend March 8?

The first spring holiday I want to note as follows. Osbenno March 8 are waiting for women. And not just because of the gifts. An extra day off is a great opportunity to be with your family and friends, have a party, a romantic dinner, and just live this day for yourself. It’s good if the man is preparing for the holiday. But if this is not at hand, do not worry, you can organize a wonderful holiday yourself! How to spend March 8, so that this day is remembered and stood out from the series of routine everyday life?

On the border of winter with spring

Although March is considered to be the first spring month, snow still lies on most of Russia at this time. And this is more of a “plus” than a “minus”. After all, we are available and spring and winter entertainment. For example, my friends have a tradition: every March 8, they get into the first kebab of the year. But this is not just eating meat in nature, they combine it with skiing from the mountains or on skis.

So, if you are a lover of outdoor activities and do not know how to spend the holiday on March 8, feel free to go on a hill, on a skating rink, or just take a walk in the still winter forest.Remember, the snow will soon melt, and this opportunity will not come out until next winter.

Forward to new experiences

Snow is snow, and the smell of spring and the thirst for change are already in the air. Why not go on a weekend trip? Of course, time is not so much, just a couple of days off. But it is not necessary to go far away. Think, and do you know well the surroundings of your hometown, and your area? Surely, if you dig around on the Internet, it turns out that there are some very interesting places near you. To which and go close, and see what is there.

Already traveled all the neighborhood, and the soul asks abroad? Today, almost all major tour operators offer two-three-day tours to various countries. It’s great to go together with your beloved person in such a mini-journey in order to take a break from everyday life in a romantic atmosphere.

A gift for yourself

March 8 - the most feminine holiday. Why not treat yourself to a beauty salon, a massage and shopping? Ladies, forget even for a day of business. Do not wash the dishes, you will have time tomorrow. Do not save on clothes. Once a year you can afford to booze.And yes, give up your diets even for a day. A slice of chocolate cake has not killed anyone yet!

By the way, advice for young people who are lost in conjectures about what to give to her beloved: bring her a gift all day. In the morning, prepare breakfast or take it to the cafe. Then take to the spa, go shopping with her, and at least on this day do not complain of fatigue and do not scold for spending. In conclusion - a romantic dinner, candles, a bed in roses ... Believe me, it is not so difficult to do all this, but this day will be remembered for a long time.

In native walls

The weather on March 8 is not always favorable, sometimes in the first spring month such dank winds blow that you can't even stick your nose out into the street! Do not need. You can arrange a holiday in the apartment. Options for how to spend March 8 at home, the mass. From a family dinner with parents and children to a romantic dinner together.

And you can make a hen party. Invite girlfriends, watch women's movies, arrange pillow fights and a pajama party. Why not? In every woman at any age lives a little girl.

The main thing that this day was a holiday with a capital letter and remembered for a long time. And you felt like a queen!


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