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How to stop "jerk off"?

“I want to quit jerking off” - teenage (and not only!) Forums are full of such calls for help. Masturbation itself should not be a concern — it’s quite common, especially for a guy in his teens. But if masturbation begins to interfere with personal life, takes too much time, and indeed develops into a dependency, then it’s really time to do something about it.

The easiest way to quit “jerk off” or masturbate is the beginning of a full-fledged sex life. But it may happen that a person suffering from dependence on masturbation has a regular partner, but his habit prevents relationships from developing. This often happens because a dependent onanist has some sexual fantasies that he cannot bring to life with his partner (BDSM, group sex, anal sex, etc.), so he has to satisfy himself. But, if it really interferes with personal life, often a lover of “distort” is looking for another easy way to quit jerking off.

Tip 1. More movement

Everyone knows that physical activity contributes to some relief of sexual tension. For example, athletes before important matches or performances are forbidden to see their wives, so as not to knock down the sporting mood. Occupy your thoughts with your body, not someone else's, throw all your energy into exercise. If you can not do sports, try to exhaust yourself physically in a different way: cleaning the house, doing some business in the city, digging potatoes - anything.

Tip 2. Take a Hand

Hands are busy - the problem is solved for a while. It can be anything - cross-stitching, playing the guitar, solving crossword puzzles, the main thing is that it is interesting for you and that the hands of boredom do not reach for the crotch themselves. Reduce the number of masturbations in the beginning at least to one per day, then try to completely abandon it. Do not be ashamed to praise yourself for every "clean" day - this is also a habit that is difficult to get rid of.

Tip 3. Avoid the temptation

Remove all pornographic films from your computer, throw out all tapes and discs with outright pictures, get rid of everything that is the subject of your sexual desire, everything that can excite you.Avoid sites with candid photos and banner ads. Do not stop looking at porn pictures and other objects that can cause excitement.

Tip 4. Communicate more

The more you are in the company of other people, the more time you spend without "riding a unicycle." If you do not have a girlfriend or boyfriend, find a mate. If you already have a significant other - meet her as often as possible - for sex or just like that. Try telling someone you trust about your problem. Together with a problem, even such a delicate one, is much easier to handle.

Tip 5. Go to the doctor

In the United States, the problem of frequent masturbation is considered to be medical and is not something to blame, shame and reject. Patients with similar problems attend support groups for people with sexual addiction (or - sexaholic), where they try to cope with their addiction together. In Russia and neighboring countries, such a tradition and such an attitude is not common, but specialists capable of helping with this problem exist. Sexologists, psychologists, psychotherapists - depending on the nature of the problem, you can choose for yourself any specialist.

Frequent masturbation in itself does not cause discomfort, but can sometimes interfere with relationships, personal life, communication with friends, and generally a happy life. In this case, it's time to quit this bad habit.


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