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How to stop smoking in a day?

Smoking - the scourge of modern civilization. Currently, many people smoke, even women and teenagers. As they say, the world of smokers is divided into three broad categories: those who experience the pleasure of smoking, those who have a habit and do not want to quit, and those who really decided to get rid of this pernicious attachment. For them, our next article.


It is fully manifested only when a person is aware of the damaging effects of tobacco on his body. Smoking also has a bad effect not only on the quantity, but also on the quality of life. To this day (sometime since the end of the 19th century), doctors all over the world have been telling their patients about this, urging them to quit smoking. But is it as simple as it seems at first glance?


This is an alkaloid found in solanaceous plants. In large quantities - in tobacco, in smaller - in eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes. Accumulation occurs in the leaves. There the drug sometimes contains up to 5%! Like neurotoxin and alkaloid, it is addictive in humans, forms a persistent nicotine addiction. That is why it is so difficult to quit smoking in one day.

Psychological habit

Another reason for the difficulties encountered is psychological dependence, which is sometimes stronger than the physiological one. In difficult moments, a person reaches for a cigarette, associating the feeling of relaxation that follows this with relieving stress and tension. And what are the only smoke breaks at work, sometimes turning into real forums!

How to quit smoking in a day?

Those who have already decided on the decision to end one of the most pernicious habits of a person (without any exaggeration) can adopt some of the following tips that will greatly facilitate the process at first.

  1. Motivate yourself. Read a few books, which tells about the unconditional dangers of smoking, review several videos, auto-training, authoring programs. Motivation is a great thing! It is very important not to succumb to the desire to smoke in the early hours of the cast.
  2. Another factor is material. Imagine (you can even estimate on a piece of paper) how much money you will save on buying cigarettes a month, a year, for ten years. The numbers should impress!
  3. On the first day of giving up cigarettes, use medications that relieve cravings for nicotine. These can be special patches, chewing gum, sold in pharmacies in abundance. Herbal tinctures are also good. Remember - you have one task: to hold out until the evening and not smoke.
  4. Suck candy, gnaw seeds. The monotony of this process distracts from smoking. In addition, it will help to "seize" the desire to smoke.
  5. You can also complete a pre-acupuncture course with a specialist or a hypnosis course. Help breathing exercises, cleansing the lungs.

And most importantly, all of the above methods work only when the person himself is clearly configured to quit smoking and is determined to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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