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How to store mushrooms?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
December 27, 2012
How to store mushrooms?

Fresh mushrooms are known to be a very perishable product. After only one or two days of storage, even in the cold, they become covered with unappetizing dark spots, soften, their taste deteriorates noticeably, the nutritional value decreases. Therefore, many lovers to enjoy this delicacy product are interested in how to store mushrooms properly, in order to get pleasure from a tasty mushroom dish, and not to put their health and their household at risk. The advice of experts on this issue is quite simple and easy to implement, you just need to strictly follow them.

Rules for the storage of fresh mushrooms

Since it is fresh mushrooms that are most susceptible to spoilage under the influence of various microorganisms, before you store mushrooms in the refrigerator, you need to carefully inspect them for integrity, as broken and crushed mushrooms cannot be stored! Then you need to gently clean them from the ground and pine needles with a paper towel, but in no case be washed, because wet mushrooms are stored much worse than their unwashed counterparts.Loosely put in a paper bag or enamelware, covered with a clean cloth and placed on the shelf of the refrigerator. We should also mention that it is undesirable to keep mushrooms in a plastic bag, they quickly grow moldy and spoil. Mushrooms purchased in the supermarket, it is better to cook, directly, on the same day, and if you need to keep them until tomorrow, then it is better to leave them in the package without disturbing its integrity.

How to store salted mushrooms

The question of how to store salted mushrooms in our time is not very relevant, because the classic way to store salted mushrooms requires the presence of a cellar with a temperature of 0 - 3∗C, the yoke of cobblestones and barrels filled with these same mushrooms. In a city apartment, salted mushrooms are simply stored in glass jars in a home refrigerator.

Dried mushrooms: proper storage

Dried mushrooms are highly hygroscopic, they easily absorb extraneous odors, losing their natural flavor, for which they are so appreciated by cooks. If you do not know how to store dried mushrooms, then, given the above, you need to pick up a dry, well-ventilated room, and store in it dried mushrooms in multi-layer gauze bags in a suspended state.When you have a few mushrooms, it is easier to pick up a hermetically sealed glass jar, wash and dry it thoroughly, put mushrooms in it, and screw the lid tightly. Store jar can be in the kitchen cabinet.

We hope that our article has helped you to learn how to properly store mushrooms, and now you have become a real expert on this issue.


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