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How to strengthen the house?

A house built of high-quality materials and builders who know their stuff can serve their masters for many years. But mistakes made during construction often reduce this period to several years. The most fatal are the mistakes made when laying the foundation. If it is laid above the level of soil freezing, with a height difference or without strengthening of floating soils, the foundation will soon lead, and as a result, the walls will become deformed, and in the worst case it will collapse. If you are watching something similar looking at your home, then you should think about strengthening the house.

Foundation strengthening

Before you strengthen the house, you should look at the type of its deformation. So if the integrity of the foundation itself is broken, and cracks appear in the solution, then to eliminate this problem, it will be necessary to make injections of cement mortar into voids and cracks. In the case when the deadbeds have rotted, because of which voids have formed under the foundation or the load has increased on the foundation due to the superstructure, then the foundation can be strengthened by injecting the solution, but only under its base.If the planned increase in load is very significant, then it will be necessary to strengthen the foundation with vibrated stamped piles.

It is worth noting that during the construction of extensions to the dwelling due to vibration and deformation of soils can even lead the most durable foundation. In this case, in addition to strengthening with piles, it will be necessary to reinforce the bearing walls with metal cords. Also strengthening the foundation of the house can be done by expanding it. To do this, it is necessary to dig a trench around the house to the depth of the base, while protecting the foundation from debris and earth, after which reinforcing rods are driven into it at a distance of 20 cm, the cross section of which should be at least 16 mm. After that, they should be built reinforcing belt, formwork and pour concrete.

Wall reinforcement

After the foundation of the house has been strengthened, the walls should be strengthened. The main problem that leads to the gradual destruction of walls other than the foundation is the lack of waterproofing. In this situation, bitumen-based mastic should be applied to the walls of the house. However, many builders consider the method not to be sufficiently reliable, as over time, bitumen exfoliates and disappears, and all waterproofing has to be updated anew.

A more reliable way is to coat walls with hydrophobic materials. They repel water from the surface and very strongly adhere to the wall and penetrate to a depth of 1 cm. If you have available funds, you can impregnate the walls with special waterproofing compounds that completely permeate the wall and become one with it. This method is the most reliable, but it is also the most expensive. Also, before you strengthen the old house, you should take care of the drainage of groundwater from its walls. As a rule, to do this you will need to dig a trench around the house, which you will then need to hammer tightly with clay.

Strengthening a wooden house

If you have a wooden house, then you need to use completely different means to strengthen it. To strengthen a wooden house, you can caulk it with flax, tow, hemp, jute and moss. However, the use of these materials will require hard work and time-consuming. You can also use more modern materials, which by their characteristics are not inferior to natural ones. These include sealants, water-based finishes and various impregnations of domestic and foreign production.Impregnation protects wood from moisture, insects, mold, mildew and ultraviolet radiation, and also reduces the degree of unauthorized fire. In addition, modern means of protection can be successfully used also for decorating the internal and external surfaces of a wooden house. However, it will have to be applied every five years, and then the tree will be preserved for many years. Now you know how to strengthen the foundation of the house and its walls, and you will not be afraid for your life.


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