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How to study in the Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is one of the best European countries, where you can get high-quality professional education not only to citizens of the country, but also to foreign students. In this case, MSM (International Union of Youth) actively helps schoolchildren and young applicants. You can learn all the details about it on the website eurostudy.cz/.

How does MSM help foreign youth?

"Education in Prague" is one of the main projects of the union, which provides comprehensive assistance to young people from the CIS countries. The project performs informational, educational, consulting and preparatory functions for those who want to enter the most prestigious places of education in the Czech Republic.

Initially they wanted to create a student society, but over time the organization has grown and turned into a powerful diverse structure. Currently, the union includes a language school, a football and tennis academy, and a fitness community. On the basis of sports fields, summer camps for children with a course of learning the Czech language are formed, and also various championships and competitions are held.

The activities of MSM are expressed in three directions:

  1. Assistance and assistance to foreign applicants for admission to the best Czech universities;
  2. Organization of summer camps with language deepening (Czech, German, English) for young people, sports programs and professional internships;
  3. Implementation of unique programs: KVN summer camp, “Double Diplomas”, football academies - summer and annual.

Those who are going to study in the Czech Republic, it will be very useful to cooperate with the youth union.

What services does MSM offer?

  • Assistance in the preparation of documents for moving to the Czech Republic: translation of documents, registration of health insurance, obtaining a visa;
  • Assistance in finding and choosing suitable educational institutions and programs;
  • Consultation on all issues of interest;
  • Providing a variety of relevant information about Czech education;
  • Assistance in finding suitable housing;
  • Organization of sports and cultural events;
  • Communication with students and their close relatives;
  • Assistance in adapting to the new environment; special programs for visitors;
  • Assistance in finding a suitable place to work after graduation.

MSM cooperates with various state organizations of Russia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

What are the advantages of MSM?

The youth union is well developed: they take into account the individual situation of the future student, therefore, the staff are ready to offer the most favorable conditions for learning for everyone who applies. Assistance is provided from the moment of applying and choosing a place of study to further employment abroad.

  • Constant contact with children and parents, informing them on all issues of interest.
  • Help in a new country: language programs, search for an educational institution and place of residence, new friends.
  • Participation in useful and educational activities and projects for young people of different ages: camps, sports, cultural and educational programs, internships.

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