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How to take Creolin

"Creolin" is used in sheep for the treatment and prevention of psoroptosis, as well as for the treatment and prevention of chorioptosis, psoroptosis, sifunculosis, sarcoptosis, lesions of ticks of cattle. In pigs, it is used in hematopinosis and sarcoptosis. The tool is used for the treatment of birds from feathers, for disinfection of poultry facilities. Also, “Creolin” is used to treat and prevent notohedrosis, sarcoptosis and otodecosis of foxes, foxes, raccoon dogs and other fur-bearing animals, psoroptosis and notohedrosis in rabbits, against two-winged blood-sicking insects and pastures.
Before mass treatment, it is necessary to test each series of “Creolina” for 10-15 animals. If within 2 days after treatment, the animals show no signs of toxicosis, begin processing the entire herd. Working emulsion of the drug should be prepared immediately before use under the supervision of a veterinarian.The required amount of "Creolin" is mixed with 2-3 volumes of water having a temperature of 28-32 ° C, and then poured into a special swimming bath, adding water to the required volume.
When psoropting sheep, they bathe in a float bath using a 0.005% aqueous emulsion. Processing should be carried out in dry weather when the air temperature is between 18 ° C. The water temperature should be 18-25 ° C. Duration of swimming - 50-60 seconds. With the purpose of treatment of animals treated 2 times with an interval of 10-14 days, with the aim of prevention - 1 time. Before processing, the sheep must be kept on a starvation diet for 10 hours. 2 hours before the procedure, animals are given water.
At the end of the procedure, the sheep are left on a special platform for 10-15 minutes, after which they are distilled into a pen. After processing thousands of sheep water from the bath must be drained into the slop wells, the tanks should be cleaned of dirt and refilled with the prepared emulsion. Lambs that are up to 1 month old should be bathed separately from adult animals.
Cattle for chorioptosis, psoroptosis, lesions with ixodic ticks should be treated with 0.005% Creolina emulsion water.Animals are sprayed, moisturizing the whole body. The most thoroughly treated areas of injury and place in the area of ​​the ears, abdomen, limbs and tail. Repeated treatment of cattle with lesions of ixodic ticks during the seasons of their parasitism and with entomoses is performed according to indications, with sarcoptoidosis spraying is carried out twice with an interval of 7-10 days.
To combat the gnosis, the treatment of cattle is carried out by spraying with a 0.008% aqueous emulsion with a consumption rate: animals up to 1 year old - 230-270 ml, at the age of 1 year - 480-520 ml per 1 animal. With an increased number of mosquitoes and biting midges, the treatment is carried out after evening milking, with a large number of midges, gadflies - after morning milking.

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