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How to take out the furniture?

We inherited the apartment, we are going to do the repair, but we need to put the old furniture somewhere. Maybe someone knows where to go in Izhevsk, to take out the furniture?
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If the furniture is in good condition, then do not rush to throw it away. Try to sell it or in extreme cases give it away on the condition that it will be taken out. Perhaps someone will need such furniture to the country or to a rented apartment.
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Learn from friends and acquaintances, perhaps they have trucks or know who to contact. When we moved to a new apartment, they helped me at work with a moving car.
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Now there are companies specializing in freight traffic, and besides that they have movers who will do all the work. Here I found freight services on the website. Contact them to find out if they can take out the furniture. Prices they seem to be reasonable.

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