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How to take pictures, poses

Everyone wants to look good, and with the development of social networks, the desire to look good in photos has become especially important. Therefore, many girls, and now young men, want to know how to properly take pictures: poses, the most successful for photos; rules of posing.

If you prepare in advance for shooting

  • Choose clothes that emphasize the dignity of your figure, but it is desirable that it is not too open or vulgar at the same time. You can bare one part of the body - determine which is more important than the neckline or bare legs. If you really want to show the figure in all its glory - take a picture immediately in a bathing suit.
  • Makeup. Under normal conditions, it should not be too bright, remember that brilliant shadows and light glitters can change color on a photo or cause glare under a flash. As a result, your light pink shine in the photo will be yellow, and lilac so bright, as if your lips live separately from you. For studio shooting, make-up should be somewhat brighter,there the flash is used qualitatively different and the light is set, but again, give preference to matte cosmetics and do not forget to use powder to remove the greasy shine from the face. Powder does not hurt young people either, and then it will reduce the time and effort spent in the photo editor to get rid of the same shine.

Before you take pictures

  • Make sure your hair is fine, sometimes people just in the photo find that a few strands were lying in a very strange way or covering the floor of the face, or that the haircut has suffered a wind attack, and young people may suddenly have a tuft on the back of their heads. One look in the mirror and a hairbrush will easily help to fix everything.
  • Correct the clothes, make sure that the skirt has not crawled off anywhere, strap or underwear gum are sticking out from anywhere, the fly is buttoned and all the buttons on the shirt are in order.

How to take pictures: postures and basic rules

  • Do not slouch and do not twist your shoulders, keep your back straight.
  • Watch your hands - do not strain them, do not clench your hands into fists, do not spread your fingers, let your hands be relaxed and free.
  • Tighten the stomach, as an option, try to pull up.
  • When you are photographed from behind, you can stand on socks, then the priest will tighten and look more round and elastic. If you are already in heels, additional measures will not be required.
  • If you have a long nose, do not take pictures in profile, the owners of a round face is better to photograph a little from the top, but especially short statues or with short legs, it is better to photograph from the bottom up.

Best poses for photo

How to pose for a photo

How good to get on the photos? Poses for photos, proven over the years and a variety of magazines and models, will present your appearance in the most favorable light.

  • Sideways, lean forward slightly with your back straight. No need to bend down low, the angle of your body in this position can be quite large. You can beat this pose by pretending that you are straightening your shoe, leaning on an umbrella, cane or chair, or, leaning on your toes and leaning just a little bit, pretend to look at something that is far from you. In this case, it is always better to fix the view on any object, so it will not seem empty.
  • Standing slightly sideways towards the photographer, turn your body slightly in his direction,and leave your legs in the same position, you can slightly bend one leg or cross them, but make sure that it does not twist your posture; if in doubt, keep your legs straight. This posture visually reduces your body, and you seem slimmer. Do not forget that you should not direct your elbow straight towards the lens, so turn around so that the angle of the arm is clearly visible.
  • With your back to the photographer, turn your shoulders slightly toward him, or turn only your head. It is important to ensure that your back is level, your shoulders are level, and there is no tension.

And most importantly, keep it natural and everything will work out.


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